Summer Activities: Kick The Can

This game instantly became a family and friend favorite!  Kick the Can is cross between hide-and-go-seek and tag with a “jail” thrown in for those who are captured! This was such an amazingly fun game to play in the woods where there are places to hide everywhere!

This is a great game for 4-7 players.

To begin, designate a place to be the “jail.” Not far away, the can should be placed.

To Play:  One person is the Seeker.  Everyone else is going to go off to hide. The Seeker counts to 50 and then starts looking for people.



If the Seeker spots someone, she yells out the name of the person found and starts racing back to the can. If the Seeker grabs the can first, the Hider is the placed in “jail.”  If the Hider gets there first he kicks it as hard as he cans and runs off to hide. Anyone in “jail” is released.

If the Seeker is able to place everyone in jail, the game is over.  You might want to place a time limit… When I was the Seeker, the kids kept kicking the can over and over! They were good at this game!!

Can you find the “can” in the picture below? Neither could we!  But to be honest it added and element of excitement to the game. You may want to decide whether you want a clear soda bottle or something a bit brighter!!



Doesn’t this sound super fun?!  My kids can’t wait to play this with friends… and I’m happy they’ve found an activity that they find so exciting and fun!

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