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Board Games 0

Board Games

The kids have really enjoyed games this week — we’ve playedCandy Land, DinoMath Tracks, Hungry Hippos, the marblerun (not really a board game, but stored with the games!), LetterSoup, and several card games (Rat-a-tat-Cat) being the favorite! Please like & share:

Preschool Activities — Go to Archives July 2009 0

Preschool Activities — Go to Archives July 2009

JULY 2009’s postings are all preschool/toddler related. I’veposted a lot of the homemade (and Montessori) typeactivities I’ve put together for my 3 year and 18 month oldand placed them together in one month for easy access. Please like & share:

Our Very First Post 0

Our Very First Post

We have just set up a new website that will be dedicated to our homeschooling activities. Hope you enjoy our new blog! Please like & share: