Our Week’s Roundup

This week was a bit out of the ordinary.  We did a skeleton version of school each day. The kids did50States-that-RhymeLyrics

  • Math
  • Spelling (we use All About Spelling)
  • Grammar (see yesterday’s post)
  • Independent reading (for about an hour each day)
  • I read a chapter each day from our book on Sir Isaac Newton
  • We worked on our Fifty States song. We’ve been working on that slowly, slowly this entire year. (Here’s the post where I first talked about it) We have 42 of the 50 states memorized in this song. We’ve almost got it! Hooray! Here are the lyrics to the 50 States that Rhyme that you can download if you’re interested.
  • One day we did German, one day we did critical thinking (analogies), one day we did math puzzles
  • The kids practiced their instruments (DD-piano, LD-trumpet)
  • and that was it–no extras, no experiments, no unit studies, not even a Think Challenge this week

In the afternoons we had lots of fun!  The kids spent an entire day with friends playing in the creek and finding critters. We have lots of toads and frogs in our yard and in the woods beyond. The one you see on the left is an American toad, I think.  We found strings of toads eggs which are pictured to the right. (Frogs lay their eggs in clumps or clusters). I think the lizard we have living in our wood pile is an Eastern Fence Lizard. If my memory is correct I think the snake is a Northern Brown Snake.


We also spent a lot of time working and weeding the garden. The kids have their own sections of the garden and they each planted more lettuce and peas this week.  We’ve even been enjoying a bit from our garden (lettuce and carrots).

gardenWe went to a park with friends. The kids built sand castles and we went for a hike.



I love the picture of them running down the hill with their butterfly nets!


 Tomorrow (Friday) we have some fantastic plans with friends. More about that soon!

I hope you’ve had a great week too!

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