Free Homeschool Planner 2021-2022

I wanted to let you know that I have updated our booklet-style Homeschool Planner. It is FREE to download and print out.  I added in new calendar pages as well as some daily schedule templates.

Free Homeschool Planner Booklet Style

The kids and I have been talking quite a bit about our homeschool schedule. Both of my girls want to be FIRST to do math (to get it out of the way!). They have been urging me to write out a homeschool schedule to make sure we get things done as early as we can!

Anyway, I dove into the homeschool planner file and made a number of changes. As I said above, I added in some daily schedule pages so I can figure out a schedule that will work for us this year. I’ve printed it out and started penciling some things in (then got side-tracked writing up this post to share it with you!)

You can grab our Booklet-Style Homeschool Planner by using the “Add to Cart” button below.  You will get (an automatic email) that says homeschool den purchase or something like that from SendOwl, the delivery service I use with your download link, but this is FREE. Hope it’s helpful! (If it is, I’d love to hear from you! You can always drop me an email!)

I’ll add in a few other pages of what is included down below.

By the way, if you want to print out the full-size pages of our (free) 2021-2022 School Year Calendar, be sure to visit this post:

Free 2021-2022 Printable Calendar pdf freebieWe have another (FREE) full-size Homeschool Planner (rather than this half-page one), if you prefer (Scroll on down below). Not only does this packet include daily and weekly planning pages, checklists and record keeping pages, but it also includes various homeschool journaling pages… think gratitude journal meets homeschool goal setting!

FREE Homeschool Booklet-Style Planner


Free Homeschool Planner - Booklet Half-PageFree Homeschool Planner with Daily Checklist

Free Printable Homeschool Planner Booklet

FREE Homeschool Planner - Half-Page Booklet StyleI printed out the sheets I wanted one-sided. Then I folded the paper in half and bound them on the left side.

Homeschool Planner - Free Printable Booklet

There are quite a number of different options for the front cover and first page.  I wanted small calendars, but if you download this at a later date, you clearly don’t want to use that one! Print out the combination of pages that you like best!

FREE Homeschool Planner (Full-Sized Pages!)

If you prefer a full-page planner, don’t forget that we have a HUGE Homeschool Planner with over a hundred pages to choose from! 🙂

Free Homeschool Planner

Free Homeschool Planner - week

Homeschool Discovery Journal

homeschool planner free

Homeschool Planner

Note: In order to share new edits/changes to this packet, I am making it available (free) through SendOwl, the delivery service I use. When you click the link below, you will see a pop-up box that says “Your order is free.” Once you type in your email address, the download link will appear.  You will also receive an email from SendOwl which says “Homeschool Den Purchaseeven though it is free!!! This is an automatically generated email that gives you the download link.


Click here (or the picture below) for the

FREE Homeschool Planner and Discovery Journal


Remember to check your PayPal email address for the download link. Again, the email may say Homeschool Den Purchase (even though it is free!!)

Free Homeschool Journal

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Another FREE Resource: You might also be interested in our free Science Checklist – Elementary and Middle School.

Science Homeschool ChecklistWhen I’m planning our units for the upcoming year, I think a lot about the science topics should we cover in our homeschool by the time they finish 8th grade.  I have a general checklist of topics that I go consider… and try to fill in the gaps as we go (and as the kids’ interests change).  We actually circle back around to cover these units every few years and go into more depth each time we cover it.  I know that many of us are planning for the new school year, so this is the perfect time to share it again.  This checklist is free to download: Free Homeschool Science Checklist – K-8

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If you are looking for more general tips about creating routines, organizing and keeping things running smoothly, be sure to grab our newest Homeschool Packet: Homeschool Foundations: Establishing Routines that Work!   It is currently FREE and I will be adding to it throughout the summer (2021).

Homeschooling - Establishing Routines that Work

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