September Morning Work Pages (Ages 4-6)

Today I have some new September Morning Work Pages for your younger students.

Students will practice the days of the week, the month, colors and seasons as well as some quick math exercises.  These have been added to the K-2 BUNDLE and are in the Morning Work PDF. I hope they are helpful! ~Liesl

These are included in the K-2 Math BUNDLE. The set you see below has tracing, but there is also an option with blanks that you can print out (so older students can write in the days of the week, etc. rather than tracing them).

Our Packets are PDF digital downloads.

$5.50 K-2 Math BUNDLE  (over 300 pages of materials, 20 PDFs and growing!)

Click here to find out more about the K-2 Math BUNDLE and what is included or continue scrolling down below! There are more than 300 pages of activities, worksheets and games with everything from addition, subtraction and fractions to calendar pages, telling time, shapes, place value and more!

Be sure to check your PayPal email address for the download link!

September Morning Work Pages

This PDF also includes the October Morning Work Pages

October Morning Work Pages

as well as these Morning Work Pages:

Morning Work Pages

Plus, there are 20+ OTHER PDFs!! See the K-2 BUNDLE page for more details (or scroll on down below)!

Feel free to email me if you have any questions, requests, or just want to say Hi! ~Liesl

You may want to check out the 20+ PDFs included in the


K-2 Math BUNDLE Addition Subtraction shapes clocks calendar and moreThe K-2 Math Bundle has a variety of math activities for ages 4-6 from addition, subtraction, fact families, to fractions, temperature, time/clocks, calendar work and more! This BUNDLE includes worksheets, games and other activities. There are more than 300 pages (20+ PDFs) in this bundle. It is geared towards kids in kindergarten, Grade 1 or Grade 2. This will supplement any homeschool math curriculum!

Click on the K-2 Math BUNDLE link  to find more about what’s included in this huge BUNDLE of 20 pdfs.

Our packets are PDF downloads. Be sure to check your PayPal email address for the download link.


Don’t forget to check your PayPal email address for the download link.


This K-2 Bundle includes addition and subtraction worksheets, games and activities.  There are also files that cover the

  • fact families,
  • shapes,
  • fractions,
  • temperature,
  • time/clocks,
  • days of the week, months of the year

Days of the Week Months of the Year Seasons Worksheets and Booklet

There are lots of seasonal packets from Fall themed pages to holidays, winter math fun, Valentine’s Day, Jelly Beans and more!

K-2 Math Bundle Examples



You might also be interested in our Multiplication/Division BUNDLE. This is also a great value with 20+ PDFs for $7!

Multiplication Bundle worksheets-games-activities-skip-counting-mazes-and-moreMultiplication Worksheets 2s 3s 4sMultiplication Worksheets 6s 7sMultiplication Worksheets 8s 9s

Multiplication and Division BUNDLE - 2s through 12s

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