Natural Disasters Worksheets and Hands-On Activity Ideas

Our Natural Disasters Packet (currently FREE to download!) has notebook pages and worksheets as well as some hands-on activity ideas covering the following events:

  • Flooding
  • Mudslides
  • Tsunami
  • Tornado
  • Hurricane, cyclone, typhoon
  • Blizzard
  • Heat Wave
  • Drought
  • Wildfire
  • Sinkholes

In this packet you’ll find one page on each of these events. Often, natural disasters occur because of geologic changes or extreme weather conditions. Students explore the cause of each of these events.  They also find out what  damage results and examines the effect these disasters have on people, property, and infrastructure. Students fill in their own information about each natural disaster, what causes it, and give an example of a recent event and what effect it had on the community.


Natural Disasters Lapbook: You can use the interactive notebook pieces provided in this packet to create your own lapbook.


This is one of the units I was going to do with my youngest, but we didn’t get around to it this year! When we do get to it, I will probably be adding to this packet (maybe in the fall of 2016). I’ll let you know (here) if I do! :) ~Liesl

The Natural Disasters Packet is currently free to download! :)

Natural Disaster Worksheets, Notebook Pages, and Hands-On Activities


There are a couple of natural disaster worksheets as well (one is a matching page, the other is blank so the kids can write in the answer):


This packet does not cover earthquakes, volcanoes, plate movement or the ring of fire because we covered that in great detail in our Earth Science Unit. You can find out more information about that unit and all our hands-on activities here:

50+ Page Earth Science PacketA number of years ago, we did some fun hands-on activities to help the kids understand what natural disasters are and why they can be so devastating.  These activities are buried deep in our blog, though, and I thought I would share some of them with you again today! They are also in the Natural Disasters Packet above.

These are activities we did when the kids were about PreK and early elementary:

 Mudslide: We mixed sand and cornstarch and covered a butter container container. Then we made it “rain” for a period of time to see what happened!

Natural-Disaster-Activities-for-Kids-Mudslides Hurricane Activity: The kids built paper houses out of index cards and tape.  We took a straw to show what effect wind would have on our house.  It fell down. So, then I let the kids reinforce their house with MORE tape!  The second time round, the house withstood 1 straw. So then we added a second straw and tried again.  The houses fell down and couldn’t withstand the stronger winds.

At the time, we watched the National Geographic you-tube video on hurricanes:

Hurricane-Natural-Disaster Activity-for-KidsTsunami Activity:  The kids recreated a tsunami.  In a flat class pan, the kids built a sandy beach (with sand and corn flour).  They also made some index card houses.  I first had them try hitting the picnic table with a bat, but that didn’t create strong enough waves. So then, I had LD give the table a good shake a couple of times.  With that, the tsunami struck full force!

Tsunamis are generally caused by an underwater earthquake, landslide, or volcanic eruption.

Tsunami-Activity-Natural-Disaster-Unit-for-KidsYou may be interested in some of our related packets:

Earth Science Unit: In this unit, we talked about the layers of the Earth, latitude & longitude, tectonic plate movement (and did a couple of great hands-on activities related to that), earthquakes (we made an earthquake shake table), mountain making, volcanoes (we did a couple of fun hands-on activities) and more

50+ Page Earth Science Packet

Weather Packet

WeatherPacket-675x491Cloud Worksheets (Free!)


You might also be interested in our Place Value Materials and Pirate Math Packet. This post also has a video that explains how we did our place value activities.


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