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Natural Disasters Packet – Interactive Notebook Pages Added

Just a quick message to let you know that I added a few new pages to the Natural Disasters Packet. You can find out more about this packet here at this post: Natural Disasters Worksheets and Hands-On Activity Ideas. By the way, my kids all loved Raging Planet episodes (affiliate link) They watched the entire series when we did the natural disasters unit! Here’s the description on Amazon: revealing the...

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Natural Disasters Worksheets and Hands-On Activity Ideas

Our Natural Disasters Packet has notebook pages and worksheets as well as some hands-on activity ideas covering the following events: Flooding Mudslides Tsunami Tornado Hurricane, cyclone, typhoon Blizzard Heat Wave Drought Wildfire Sinkholes In this packet you’ll find one page on each of these events. Often, natural disasters occur because of geologic changes or extreme weather conditions. Students explore the cause of each of these events.  They also find out what ...