Earth Science Activities: Earthquakes, Plate Movement and Mountain Making

Last week I explained how we made an Earthquake Shake Table and shared a quick video on how we made ours.  We first tested it with marshmallow structures.  A couple days later, we made “brick” structures out of sugar cubes and peanut butter.  We put on the documentary, Deadliest Earthquakes, and set to work.


We all built our structures and then brought out our shake table to test them out!


The most exciting structure we tested was ED’s. The first time they pulled the shake table, one brick fell off the top. With the second earthquake, the entire wall fell down!


As we finished up our unit we talked about the plate movements again.  We reviewed the three types of plate boundaries:

  1. divergent boundary — plates move apart. Most divergent boundaries are found in the ocean such as the mid-ocean ridges.
  2. convergent boundary — occurs where plates push together
  3. transform boundary — occurs where plates scrape past each other.

We pulled out our Earth science notebook pages and went over those again. We also talked convection currents and talked about the experiment we did in November showing plate movement:


Then we went over the four types of mountains. We talked quite a bit about fold mountains again.  This was one of the activities we did. On a deep plate, we added a small bit of water and placed two graham crackers on top. Slowly, we pressed the two graham crackers together with slow-but-steady pressure:


This Earth science activity can also be done with towels. Just be sure to press them together slowly, not quickly. When we compared these to a picture of the Alps, the kids could really understand how the two tectonic plates converging could make mountains rise (and fold too).


We finished out the unit making sure we had finished all of our Earth Science notebook pages. These pages are available in the 75+ Page Earth Science Packet.

Earth Science Worksheets-Types of Mountains VolcanoesEarth Science Worksheets

One last thing before I go. I thought I should share some of the books we used for this part of our Earth Science Unit:

We especially liked the books below. These are affiliate links:


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Hope you enjoy this unit! 🙂 ~Liesl

Earth-Science-Packet 150 page - worksheets hands-on activities and more

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Earth Science Worksheets

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