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The workbox yahoo group I participate in had a great discussion last week about “fun” boxes.  I wrote my own comments and thought I’d share them here too: I’m a little late adding to the discussion, but I really enjoyed reading everyone’s comments and thoughts about fun boxes.  I always enjoy hearing how things are working for others. I think I’m different from many in that my kids do their...

Things Continue to be low-key on the homeschool front 0

Things Continue to be low-key on the homeschool front

We’ve been having lots of play-dates and time at the poolwith friends who are on school holidays. We’ve beenpretty low-key here at home. LD has worked a bit on hishand-writing.  We’ve played a few math games, done mazes,dot-to-dots and things like that, but we’re still on breakfrom the big units (and I continue to plan and prep behindthe scenes).  Here are a few snapshots lately: 1) The kids both put...

What Have We Been Up To? Part 1 0

What Have We Been Up To? Part 1

Aside from the crafts and trips out and about, I wantedto share some of the things we’ve been doing these days athome. Except for ED’s activities, these activities allappeared in their workboxes this past week. I just loveworkboxes because it lets them choose things when theyhave an interest. They get very excited by some of thethings I put out for them and we’ll often get wrapped upin activities for an...

What Have We Been Up To? Part 2 0

What Have We Been Up To? Part 2

I think I mentioned that LD started a new short lapbookunit on carnivorous plants. He’s been very interestedin the venus fly trap. I found a free lapbook at’t I mention that the other day?). And LD’s been doinglittle bit of work on it each day. We’ve been having himdo the cutting this time as there isn’t as much writinginvolved. (Often I cut things out if we’re doing a longerlapbook that...

What have we been up to? Part 3 2

What have we been up to? Part 3

I know I’ve mentioned a number of times that we usethe Right Start Math curriculum. I really, really like theprogram (and so do LD and DD)! We progress prettyslowly partly because (as you probably have noticed) wedo lots of other math activities/games as well. But, RightStart Math really impresses me with its use of manipulatives,games and its emphasis on truly understanding basicmath concepts. So, pictured below we’re doing a couple...

What Have We Been Up to?  Part 4 0

What Have We Been Up to? Part 4

The kids have really been enjoying these math DVDscalled Mathtacular. It’s a DVD about math–addition,skip counting, place value and things like that. The kidsare really engaged by it and it covers so great mathconcepts.

What Have We Been Up To? Part 5 0

What Have We Been Up To? Part 5

This week, LD has been reading a Scooby Doo chapterbook aloud to me. I asked him to choose one picture fromthe book for me to photograph, but he couldn’t decideand insisted I include all of these photos — so here you are!

What Have We Been Up To?  Part 6 0

What Have We Been Up To? Part 6

The kids play really well together — and I snapped apicture of their set up of haunted houses and transformers.It was an involved game that lasted more than an hour!I’m always impressed at how creative the kids are intheir free play and find that a valuable part ofhomeschooling. The houses, by the way, are called “Sweet Streets” andwe got them used from another family for an amazingbargain!

Our Homeschool Corner of the Living Room 0

Our Homeschool Corner of the Living Room

These are some older pictures of our homeschooling corner.You can see this is before we put labels on the boxes. Wedon’t have much room in the living room/dining room area,but this is just perfect!! Then pictured below is the hard filebox holder. These pictures were taken several months ago.  Now we usesubject labels on the outside of each drawer (more details below).

Workbox Organization 0

Workbox Organization

WELCOME EVERYONE! This blog will be our public forum for sharing ourhomeschooling journey. Our family happenings will stillcontinue at the old site. We hope you enjoy our postings. From here on out the family members will be referred to as:MD — Mommy DingoFD — Daddy (Father) DingoLD — 6 year old boy DingoDD — 4 year old girl DingoED — 19 monh old girl Dingo This year is off to...

More on Workbox Organization 0

More on Workbox Organization

Here are a few other things we do to keep our homeschoolingthings organized. I have a file box with our activities/ideaslisted on them. I also have a spread sheet (I’ll post a picturebelow) with math activities, preschool activities and so forth. I have hard-shelled file boxes that contain some of our workboxmaterials (especially math materials, phonics letters and thingslike that). They get placed in an upright file holder (again,I’ll post...

Workbox Organization — Idea Grid Sheet 0

Workbox Organization — Idea Grid Sheet

I’ve found it really useful having these grids with the variousideas I’ve come across listed on one sheet. Below I’ve picturedmy tables for preschool and math. I typed up the math ideassheet and have posted those below in two parts.