What Have We Been Up To? Part 1

Aside from the crafts and trips out and about, I wanted
to share some of the things we’ve been doing these days at
home. Except for ED’s activities, these activities all
appeared in their workboxes this past week. I just love
workboxes because it lets them choose things when they
have an interest. They get very excited by some of the
things I put out for them and we’ll often get wrapped up
in activities for an hour or two in the mornings. We’re not
particularly rigid about how/when workboxes get done. That
said, most of our more formal “school” subjects like
reading and math get done when ED is napping. The
mornings often tend to be games, arts and crafts, and
lots of creative play time.

Pictured below:

1) ED working on the shapes puzzle.
2)LD looking through the body book and puzzle that I had
out since we’ve been talking about skeletons so much
this week!
3) All the kids coloring picture for Daddy’s work since
this week is “Safety at Work Week”
4) More of the flower game (rolling to get the various
parts of the flower — the stamen, calyx, stem etc.)

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