What Have We Been Up To? Part 2

I think I mentioned that LD started a new short lapbook
unit on carnivorous plants. He’s been very interested
in the venus fly trap. I found a free lapbook at
(didn’t I mention that the other day?). And LD’s been doing
little bit of work on it each day. We’ve been having him
do the cutting this time as there isn’t as much writing
involved. (Often I cut things out if we’re doing a longer
lapbook that involves lots of writing.) LD finds it
tremendously satisfying to finish up lapbooks and is often
contemplating what his next lapbook will be about.

I also found a couple of readers from http://www.readinga-z.com/
relating to carnivorous plants–one non-fiction and one
fiction! I was able to participate in a
free trial–only good until Nov. 6, 2009 and downloaded
lots of wonderful readers, just perfect for LD.

Pictured below you can see ED’s sneaky little hand
trying to take one of the finished booklets!

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