Workbox Organization


This blog will be our public forum for sharing our
homeschooling journey. Our family happenings will still
continue at the old site. We hope you enjoy our postings.

From here on out the family members will be referred to as:
MD — Mommy Dingo
FD — Daddy (Father) Dingo
LD — 6 year old boy Dingo
DD — 4 year old girl Dingo
ED — 19 monh old girl Dingo

This year is off to a great start with the organization of
our homeschool materials — into “workboxes.” Each weekend,
MD spends time loading the boxes and planning for the coming
week. This system works extremely well — and even 19 month
old ED checks things out (often strewing math manipulatives
and other things over her shoulder!). And like so many
other families have mentioned, we get a lot more done
each day since the materials are all there ready to go.

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