Things Continue to be low-key on the homeschool front

We’ve been having lots of play-dates and time at the pool
with friends who are on school holidays. We’ve been
pretty low-key here at home. LD has worked a bit on his
hand-writing.  We’ve played a few math games, done mazes,
dot-to-dots and things like that, but we’re still on break
from the big units (and I continue to plan and prep behind
the scenes).  Here are a few snapshots lately:

1) The kids both put on puppet shows.

2) we’ve done some geography review. Here we’re all
singing the continent song (to the tune of Frere Jacque)
Europe, Asia, Africa
North America, South America
Then there is Antarctica
Don’t forget Australia
Seven Continents, Seven Continents

LD was racing to put the pins in as we sang the song.
DD did the same thing but had to pull the pins out (and
we sang slowly!)

3) LD arranged the continents in roughly the right places

4) Painting is always a hit here in the homeschool den.

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