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Redback Spider

The Redback spider is fairly common where we live. We used to have them quite badly at the flat that hubby and I lived in for the first eight years here; they haven’t been so bad here at this house. LD and I saw this spider today. We talked about them a bit and I warned them not ever to go near them or touch them. I took a lot...


Stink Beetles

Since I’m talking about bugs and such, I’ll post this picture I took of stink beetles. They are sometimes called the green carab beetle (though to be honest I’ve never heard anyone refer to them as such). According to an article put out in the local paper, one of their adaption strategies is ‘explosive breeding.’ Sometimes during the summer they swarm really badly around the sports field lights. If they...


Trouble Sleeping

Last night, our dog woke us up. She’s normally quietat night, but she barked and whined around 3am. Something seemed amiss and though I couldn’t findanything wrong, I had trouble going back to sleep. Ifinally got up and snuggled up with a book for therest of the night. This morning, we figured out what bothered our dog!

Hiking in the Outback 0

Going for a Hike

It’s been raining a lot. This afternoon it was just a misty drizzle, though, so I decided to take the kids out for a little hike. This is just three blocks from our house, but leads out to expansive crown lands. There were hundreds of grasshoppers and LD and DD had a fabulous time tracking down little critters!


It’s Been Raining a Lot! The Normally Dry Todd River!!

The river bed is normally dry. It has been pouring down rain for days (this is not common in our desert climate!!!) I actually love this kind of weather and made it a point to take the dog out for a good run today! Unfortunately, I suspect sports will be canceled this week! (LD plays T-ball and I play soccer.) We’ll still have the indoor activities (Kindergym for ED, dance/ballet...


Just Life

    I had a wonderful conversation with my sister the other evening. (My amazing sister who homeschools her three kids, holds a full-time job and whose husband is currently deployed for nine or ten months. Truly an amazing, inspiring person in my life.) Anyway, I was talking about how the blog world is so inaccurate and really doesn’t show what life is really like for us. The reality is,...


Little Critters

But then after our picnic lunch we went down closer to the (now mostly dry) river bed and saw lots of little critters– a little frog, a cicada coming out of its shell and a large 6-inch/15 cm praying mantis. By the way, once the cicada has dried, it is orange and black we just happened on it in the ten minutes or so when it’s still drying and the...