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I had a wonderful conversation with my sister the other evening. (My amazing sister who homeschools her three kids, holds a full-time job and whose husband is currently deployed for nine or ten months. Truly an amazing, inspiring person in my life.) Anyway, I was talking about how the blog world is so inaccurate and really doesn’t show what life is really like for us. The reality is, I was saying to Sis, that I share lots of our five-to-ten minute activities, but don’t talk much about the other eight or nine hours of our day. The other day, for example, we went to the playground and spent a long time lying under the tree watching the birds. We saw galahs, Murray Magpies, honey eaters (middle picture) and Port Lincoln ring-necked parrots (last picture). It was relaxing and fun just hanging out. And then we had a lot of fun having races around the very large park.

The reality of life is more like that, hanging out together as a family, with large doses of playing, looking at critters, learning vicariously, reading, growing, running, and living life.

Grandpa takes professional quality bird photos, so I’m a bit embarrassed to include these, but here you go anyway!


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