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Sydney Fun for Kids 0

Sydney Fun for Kids

Some of the things we did in Sydney includedLuna Park, the Power House Museum and theSydney Aquarium. Luna Park is a theme park; just look at that frontgate! Here are some of the things the kids and I did onour own while Dad was in a class all week: The Power House Museum is a children’s museum. DD especially liked the area where you built a house(pictured 2nd below). The...

Australia’s Largest Indoor Play Place 1

Australia’s Largest Indoor Play Place

We visited Little Dynamos which says that it’s the largestindoor play place in Australia. It’s located on the airport(train) line just a couple stops from the airport at Georgeand Allen Streets. I was able to get all three kids there onmy own; it’s just a couple blocks from the train. I includeda map for those friends who might want to let the kids burnoff energy after a long airplane trip.

Welcome to Our New Blog 2

Welcome to Our New Blog

Hi! Welcome to our new homeschool blog. I’ll leave these first few pictures here for the firstmonth or so — scroll on down to see if we’veadded anything new. I thought I’d first post a couple of picturesfrom our area of the world. Pictured belowis a Ghost Gum Tree.  We drive off road alot and go hiking, looking for rocks andkangaroo bones (one of LD’s favoriteactivities!)


Rock Wallabies

Here we are feeding the wallabies. If you look closely, you can see a little joey poking its head out of the Mama Wallaby’s pouch. Every now and then we’ll post more pictures of our area — but not today! Now on to some of our homeschool activities!