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An Amazing Playground in St. Kilda, South Australia near Adelaide 2

An Amazing Playground in St. Kilda, South Australia near Adelaide

This great playground was in a small, small town about 45minutes or so north of Adelaide. It’s a free playground, butis really unusual with long slides, two fly foxes, hugeswings, a pirate ship on the water and more. The kidsand the parents had a blast! It was so much fun — andyou wouldn’t believe looking at the skies that it wasbucketing rain as we drove from Adelaide!

A Scientist at Work 0

A Scientist at Work

Today we were very fortunate to have the opportunityto visit a scientist who works for our local museum. Hehas been working lately on cleaning up some fossils, thoughhe also does taxidermy as well. When we arrived, the kids showed him some of the fossilswe found a couple of months ago. (I’ll post a quick pictureof that below this.) Then Mr. I showed us around hislab. In the second picture below...

Fossils that we found back in June 0

Fossils that we found back in June

These are the fossils we took over to show the scientistthis morning. LD and DD selected their favorites andwere excited to be able to show him their finds. Theyhad a large tray of fossils just like these on one of thecounters in the science lab! I also posted a pictureof where we were when we found the fossils– againthese pictures were from June (not from today!)

The Smelly Room 0

The Smelly Room

Mr. I let us take a look in the “container,” a sealed roomthat was VERY VERY smelly. These are some of theanimals and critters he has preserved. Some of his specimensare on display in the museum. He and some otherscientists worked hard for 7 weeks (8am-midnight) to setup the display at our local museum (which we went to lastweek if you want to scroll down aways). He said he’d liketo...