An Amazing Playground in St. Kilda, South Australia near Adelaide

This great playground was in a small, small town about 45
minutes or so north of Adelaide. It’s a free playground, but
is really unusual with long slides, two fly foxes, huge
swings, a pirate ship on the water and more. The kids
and the parents had a blast! It was so much fun — and
you wouldn’t believe looking at the skies that it was
bucketing rain as we drove from Adelaide!

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  1. Diane says:

    What an amazing playground. Love the slides. Also love all the picturers of your trip. So many fun things you did.BlessingsDiane

  2. That's great isn't it? The funny thing was it was quite a distance from the city (45 minutes) with no houses nearby (just a small town some distance away as far as we could tell). It was just a public playground open to everyone.

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