Redback Spider

The Redback spider is fairly common where we
live. We used to have them quite badly at the
flat that hubby and I lived in for the first eight
years here; they haven’t been so bad here at
this house. LD and I saw this spider today. We
talked about them a bit and I warned them not
ever to go near them or touch them. I took a lot
of pictures and then I sent the kids inside and
sprayed it. (Sorry.) Redbacks tend to be stationary
(they don’t roam far and hide away when the nest
is disturbed, but I can’t take the chance with
little kids around). I’ll be on the hunt for more
Redbacks just to be careful.

Redbacks are related to Black Widows in the US.

When I used to run a lot (I used to run marathons)
I had a friend who left her running shoes outside
the door. The next morning she put her shoes on
and was bit by a Redback that had crawled inside
her shoe. She went to the hospital for treatment
and was just fine.

The best Redback story that I can remember
since living here is about a man who went out to
use an outdoor dunny/latrine late one night.
Apparently, he got a redback in his shorts and
was bitten 20 or 30 times on the bum. He had
quite a long stay in hospital because he needed
anti-venom treatment. I sure wish I had kept the newspaper article!

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