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Things to do with the Kids This Summer 4

Things to do with the Kids This Summer

Can you believe it? Summer time is almost here. My friend’s kids get out of school this week!  Our family is busy working out our summer plans.  We plan to do several road trips and are trying to find fun (and educational) things to do with the kids this summer.  We’ll be heading to Arkansas and Missouri, for example, and plan to visit Laura Ingalls Wilder Historic Home and Mammoth...

A Fun Fitness Board Game for Kids: Flip2BFit 0

A Fun Fitness Board Game for Kids: Flip2BFit

I have had the privilege of reviewing a new board game called Flip2BFit.  This is so much more than a board game — it’s a full fitness workout!  The kids and I had so much fun with this game. On the first day we tried it out, they liked it so much that they made Dad play it when he got home from work. The kids really enjoyed all the...


Vertebrates-Invertebrates — and Frogs!

Last week we spent quite a bit of time outside enjoying the wildlife in our yard.  We are really lucky in that we see a wide variety of critters every day.  We spotted a little Northern Brown Snake, a small mouse that was in the strawberry garden (corralled briefly in an empty pot and then released) and a toad.   We also came across a large millipede (probably four inches or...

What Should the Kids Be Learning? 1

What Should the Kids Be Learning?

I think we all worry a lot about what our kids need to know right now. What skills should they have? Can they do what they’re supposed to in fill-in-the-blank subject? We’re currently working on lots of stuff — math, spelling, physics, critical thinking, writing skills, music, but ultimately what is important that they remember and know from *this* day or *this* week? What do I want my kids to learn?...


Fossil Hunting

We love fossils!   I guess the fire was first lit in Australia.  My scientist friend told us about a creek south of Alice Springs where people have found lots of fossils. (See original post here: Fossils in Australia and the photos below.) We took the kids and made some great finds. Even my friend, Peter, was impressed!  LD was hooked on fossils!   Not too long after that we...


Our Week’s Roundup

This week was a bit out of the ordinary.  We did a skeleton version of school each day. The kids did Math Spelling (we use All About Spelling) Grammar (see yesterday’s post) Independent reading (for about an hour each day) I read a chapter each day from our book on Sir Isaac Newton We worked on our Fifty States song. We’ve been working on that slowly, slowly this entire year....


Engineering Challenge: Week 5 Parachute Challenge

  The Parachute Challenge! I supplied the kids with cups, yarn, tape, plastic bags, scissors, and a hole puncher. Their challenge was build a parachute that could safely transport objects down from a 12 foot drop.   They got busy building and testing their parachutes out with coins. Then they were ready for the big test — a long drop with raw eggs. Our Results? I’m happy to report all...


Peanut Butter Bird Feeder

We do this activity about once a year, but it’s always a hit with the kids!  Back as a child I always did this with pine cones, but since we didn’t have pine cones readily accessible we improvised using a bit of bark. The kids spread peanut butter all over the bark and then poured bird seed on it.       Our windows are all quite high off the...


Gardening with Kids

It’s that time of year again! Our dining room table and a second table are covered with dirt planters! Last week the kids and I planted some seeds together. The kids are always excited to watch the seedlings start to grow. You can tell the kids helped since there are so many seedlings in that one pot to the right!!       We also weeded and worked on one...

Outdoor Time and Other Activities 0

Outdoor Time and Other Activities

I really try to make sure the kids spend time outdoors. We don’t have a playground, but they manage to find things to entertain themselves.  It’s been a funny winter here with lots of mild days and only a bit of snow now and then. A couple days ago the kids decided they wanted to do some “hard work.” (I kind of wonder if that is because of all the...

Out and About 0

Out and About

We still love going hiking along the trail that heads off into the woods behind our house.   Please like & share:

Summer Fun! 0

Summer Fun!

We set up two slip-and-slides on the “not so steep” section of our yard.  The kids had a blast! LD went so fast he’d shoot past the the end of the second slide and continue onto the grass another 7-10 feet! And by the way, LD is blurry because of speed! Please like & share:

Preparing our Salads 0

Preparing our Salads

DD has been devoted to harvesting the garden.  She goes down almost daily to gather lettuce, carrots and snap peas. She washes everything, cuts it up and makes us a salad.  It’s so sweet — and wonderful to get them so excited about eating veggies!  She makes ED wash her hands to come eat a salad.  “It’s like I’m the Mom,” DD told me proudly. Look how tall the sunflowers...

Training — Week 2 4

Training — Week 2

What inspired me to train again: My kids are such an inspiration. They have boundless energy.  I have been amazed and proud at how much they have grown this year as individuals.  LD has such amazing strength — I find it astonishing for a seven year old. (That’s LD at the top of the rope. He went zipping up really fast! He has more arm strength than I have ever...