Outdoor Time and Other Activities

I really try to make sure the kids spend time outdoors. We don’t have a playground, but they manage to find things to entertain themselves.  It’s been a funny winter here with lots of mild days and only a bit of snow now and then.

A couple days ago the kids decided they wanted to do some “hard work.” (I kind of wonder if that is because of all the books we’ve been reading together about life in the American West.) They all got saws and spent well over an hour cutting off branches.  Since we had just talked about first aid, I asked them what they would do if they cut themselves badly on the saw. We talked about putting pressure on the wound and getting help from Mom immediately.  A little while later they all came tramping in and demanded band-aids and other first aid gear to take out with them. Since then, they’ve been carrying around their own make-shift first aid kits whenever they go outside! 

My sister and brother-in-law sent a really great gift to the kids for Christmas. It’s called a Gibbon Slackline. Since the weather has been so mild we put it up between two trees in our backyard.  It is a essentially a balance beam made of webbing that you attach between two trees. LD has made it across numerous times, but DD and I have only made it about half-way. ED makes it across, but holds my hand for balance.  Anyway we have all had lots and lots of fun with this!

Naturally we’ve had to re-read Mirette on the High Wire (a Caldecott winner and a terrific book) to go along with our new-found outdoor fun!

The kids are still pretty involved in other activities besides the homeschooling life which I talk so often about here on the blog. They play with each other lots and lots.   ED is now old enough that even she and LD play together well. Beyblades, stuffed animals, the Littlest Pet Shop and the PlasmaCar are the current toys of choice.  All three kids still love gymnastics. LD has become impressively strong. He also really enjoys singing in the children’s choir. DD started Irish dance lessons and loves, loves, loves it!  She’s also doing a Girl Scout sampler (6 weeks of Girl Scouts). In addition to gymnastics, ED has a music class with friends (much like Kindermusik).

The kids put on a gymnastics show for Grandma and Grandpa last weekend when they were here for a visit!

Our Move: On another note, next week, the week of Valentine’s Day, our blog will be joining the Parent‘s team over at Parents.com/blog.  I’ll have a link from this address to get you there.  I hope you’ll check in on us there!  We’ve done some great experiments and will be sharing more about our geography, history and preschool activities in the next couple of weeks.

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