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Settling into our New Home – Look at those Mushrooms! 1

Settling into our New Home – Look at those Mushrooms!

We made it to our new state last Wednesday and settled on our new home on Monday. Yay!!! It’s been extremely busy unpacking and sorting through the belongings we had in storage for twelve years.  We also had to get new driver’s licenses and things like that.  But in the mean time we are really amazed by our beautiful new surroundings.  What contrast to the Outback; it is so humid...

Bad Bugs, Good Bugs 6

Bad Bugs, Good Bugs

Earlier today LD, DD and I went out to collect some fossils for some cyber-friends. As LD reached under a rock he got stung by something pretty terrible. I know there are scorpions in Missouri as hubby once stepped on one here in Grams and Gramps’ house. We don’t know what it was exactly that got LD today, but cold ice compresses and benadryl spray seemed to alleviate most of...

Delicate Looking Fossil Impressions 0

Delicate Looking Fossil Impressions

We walk Boomer around Grams and Gramps’ neighborhood several times a day. Now that we know there are fossils around we keep our eye out for new discoveries. This morning, ED wanted to jump off a big, flat boulder. I leaned down to have a closer look and noticed these delicate fossil impressions. The rock face was a different consistency than rocks in which the crinoids (see the posts below)...

A Day at the Lake 0

A Day at the Lake

We have had a wonderful time with Grams and Gramps. One afternoon we went to the lake for the day. The water was beautiful and we all enjoyed our swim.  Afterward we had a lovely time at the edge of the lake feeding the birds, turtles and fish and playing at the shady playground. We’ve also thoroughly enjoyed the local attractions near Grams and Gramps.  We’ve been to a number...

Well Preserved Brachiopod Fossil 0

Well Preserved Brachiopod Fossil

We all walked up the hill from Grams and Gramps’ house and looked around at the rocks in the field there. LD found an amazingly well preserved, complete brachiopod fossil! It’s about two inches across. From what I can tell, this fossil and the others we found are well over 300 million years old.  I find that simply astounding.

Fossil Hunting 0

Fossil Hunting

A few days later while we were walking around Grams and Gramps’ neighborhood we saw an outcropping of rocks. Upon closer inspection, we saw that the ENTIRE rock section was covered with fossils. Most of the fossils and fossil bits are crinoids (ancient sea lilies). Many of them were loose on the ground, thousands are embedded in the rocks and they vary in size from just barely visible to as...

And more fossil hunting! 0

And more fossil hunting!

Above you can see a brachiopod embedded in the rock along with lots of crinoid pieces. Look how long this crinoid stem is! We brought a fossil book out with us and LD spent along time reading through the book and comparing our finds to the illustrations and photos in the book. That’s learning at its best, right?!

Active Math Games: 1 The Math Snail 2

Active Math Games: 1 The Math Snail

This week I’m moving away from the theme time tableand am focussing on some active math games instead (Ionly have so much energy to get things organized and setto go!). The kids were beside themselves to get outside to seewhat I was up to with the chalk last night! This is a mathsnail. LD is doing the addition problems. DD is practicing either saying the number (in light pink,it’s very...

Active Math Games: 3 — Math Splat! 2

Active Math Games: 3 — Math Splat!

I drew circles and placed numbers up on theoutside wall. The kids had to dip a sponge inwater and splat a number. LD worked on the 13 number family. If hegot a 7 for example, he had to figure out whichnumber makes 13 (answer=6). This is thefirst time he’s done the 13 family, so there’sa sheet for him to look at for help. Once again DD worked on “comes after.”...


Redback Spider

The Redback spider is fairly common where we live. We used to have them quite badly at the flat that hubby and I lived in for the first eight years here; they haven’t been so bad here at this house. LD and I saw this spider today. We talked about them a bit and I warned them not ever to go near them or touch them. I took a lot...


Stink Beetles

Since I’m talking about bugs and such, I’ll post this picture I took of stink beetles. They are sometimes called the green carab beetle (though to be honest I’ve never heard anyone refer to them as such). According to an article put out in the local paper, one of their adaption strategies is ‘explosive breeding.’ Sometimes during the summer they swarm really badly around the sports field lights. If they...


Trouble Sleeping

Last night, our dog woke us up. She’s normally quietat night, but she barked and whined around 3am. Something seemed amiss and though I couldn’t findanything wrong, I had trouble going back to sleep. Ifinally got up and snuggled up with a book for therest of the night. This morning, we figured out what bothered our dog!