Settling into our New Home – Look at those Mushrooms!

We made it to our new state last Wednesday and settled on our new home on Monday. Yay!!! It’s been extremely busy unpacking and sorting through the belongings we had in storage for twelve years.  We also had to get new driver’s licenses and things like that.  But in the mean time we are really amazed by our beautiful new surroundings.  What contrast to the Outback; it is so humid and moist here! The morning dew lasts until noon!  Check out these amazing mushrooms that are growing in our yard!!

This mushroom is at least 7 or 8 inches across!

This mushroom is little (1 1/2 inches) but sure is pretty.
This is a collection of mushrooms, the larges is 6 inches across or so.
This mushroom is about 5 inches across

Our stuff from Australia doesn’t arrive for another 10 days or so. And it’ll be at least a week until we get Internet (I snuck away to a Starbucks to do this posting!)

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  1. Kylie says:

    It must feel wonderful to finally be in your home.

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