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Cinderella’s Midnight Word Game 0

Cinderella’s Midnight Word Game

Here are some of the Cinderella cards. The kids really enjoyed this game. Each player takes a turn turning over and reading the card. They keep any word they read. If a player gets a shoe card, s/he gets to take another player’s card. When the midnight card gets turned over, the round ends and the winner of that round is the player with the most cards.

Sandpaper Letters; Writing Curriculum 0

Sandpaper Letters; Writing Curriculum

I wanted to share a couple of things that are workingreally well for us for handwriting. I had heard aboutsandpaper letters. In fact, I’ve heard that a lot of peoplehave made their own. I decided to buy sandpaper letters(ours are from I have found them SO helpful.Both LD and DD enjoy doing them and it helps LD withsome of the letters he hasn’t been forming properly. I wish I...

Beacon Second Reader (Fairy Tales) 0

Beacon Second Reader (Fairy Tales)

LD has been reading these fairy tales fromthe Beacon Second Reader aloud to me. Thisbook was published in 1914. LD and I both like the tales. You can downloadthem for free and print them out. I did this andexpect to get a lot of use out of them. (LD isalready half-way through the book.) Here are some sample pages (not everypage has an illustration) from the Shoemakerand the Elves and...

Part II: Writing Activity/Letter Recognition (cont.) 0

Part II: Writing Activity/Letter Recognition (cont.)

Part II: DD had to sort her hard hat animals into different colors.Then she had to put the letters in the right order tomake the words house, flower and teddy bear. LD had to take his letters, make as many words as hecould and write them in his notebook (men, cent, pin etc). He’s been unhappy about his journal writing, but hereally enjoyed this activity.

Mom’s Holiday Reading — The Read Aloud Handbook 4

Mom’s Holiday Reading — The Read Aloud Handbook

I’ve been reading lots of books this holiday.  Among other things (several novels, some science experiment books for kids and things like that), I’ve been re-reading one of my favorite  resources, The Read Aloud Handbook by Jim Trelease.   I find this book inspiring and I recommend it to anyone who has children whether you homeschool them or not.  It gives so many amazing statistics, facts, and real-life examples about why...

Games for Writing 0

Games for Writing

Peggy Kaye’s books have been a WONDERFUL additionto our homeschooling curriculum. LD is not thrilled aboutwriting, but using ideas like this one from Peggy Kaye’sbooks have made a HUGE difference to the enjoymentand pleasure he gets out of writing. I got this ideafrom Games for Writing and LD is tickled by the sillysentences that he’s had to write like this one: A robot sang a song in the White House...

Language Arts — Spectrum Reading 0

Language Arts — Spectrum Reading

We have a number of different ways we approach languagearts. LD is a pretty good reader, so he’s had “independentreading” time each day for the past four or five months. Hechooses a book to read and reads quietly on his own. Welet him choose whatever he wants (not even offering suggestionsor comments about how easy/hard a book is).  We also don’t ask him anything about his reading except perhapswhat did...

Reading and Signing (ASL) in the Homeschool Den 2

Reading and Signing (ASL) in the Homeschool Den

It’s obviously most interesting to post about the livelier things we do at the Homeschool Den.  But to be honest, I really enjoy the quieter things we do as well.  We read lots and lots of books together.  I have a wooden napkin holder where I display 3-5 new picture books on the dining room table.  I change this several times a week (as needed).  Whenever we sit together at...

Writing Journal 0

Writing Journal

LD has a writing journal. Activities really vary. Forexample, I’ve asked him questions like“What did you do over the school holidays?”“What is your favorite type of junk food?”“What is your phone number?” and“Look at your fingers. Your finger tips areall different. Draw two of your finger printsbelow. Label them.” This idea below I got from Peggy Kaye’s Games forWriting. What a great resource! (Sorry if I’m soundinga bit like an...