Sandpaper Letters; Writing Curriculum

I wanted to share a couple of things that are working
really well for us for handwriting. I had heard about
sandpaper letters. In fact, I’ve heard that a lot of people
have made their own. I decided to buy sandpaper letters
(ours are from I have found them SO helpful.
Both LD and DD enjoy doing them and it helps LD with
some of the letters he hasn’t been forming properly. I wish I had
had them earlier! They both really enjoy them.

LD has been LOVING Draw Write Now (in the picture
below at the right). For some reason he is much more willing
to write the sentences after drawing their little pictures. He’s
been upset about writing and while he’ll do copywork or
other work, this book has really appealed to him. YAY!

We also got Handwriting Without Tears for both DD and
LD and they seem to like those books as well so far.

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