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A New Felt Board 0

A New Felt Board

Yesterday (well, late last night, actually!) I made a new feltboard. DD got up and played with it right away. It’s greatwhen something relatively easy is such a big hit. I give moredetails about how I made it in the following posts.

Making a Felt Board 2

Making a Felt Board

We just got home from Sydney and Canberra (I posted afew pictures below and will post more later this week), butI had a bee in my bonnet and made a new felt boardlate last night! I scoured the internet for felt boards made by other people.This is what I decided upon. I bought a large piece of feltfrom a fabric store and two canvas panels for painting. Iput three holes...

Felt Board Play 0

Felt Board Play

Here are some ways the felt board can be used. You canuse it for free play (shapes), dress up play (like the bearin the last picture below, laminated pictures like thefairies you see below (just tape a piece of sandpaper on theback) and patches. I happened to have lots of patchesaround that I never used. They’re pretty and work wellon the felt board.  Someone else suggested using felt boardsfor letters...

Water Gun Filler 0

Water Gun Filler

I saw this craft (I think on the Crafty Crow, butI’ll add the link later) and happened to mention thisto LD yesterday. First things this morning he wanted tomake it. Everyone got into the action.

Sydney Fun for Kids 0

Sydney Fun for Kids

Some of the things we did in Sydney includedLuna Park, the Power House Museum and theSydney Aquarium. Luna Park is a theme park; just look at that frontgate! Here are some of the things the kids and I did onour own while Dad was in a class all week: The Power House Museum is a children’s museum. DD especially liked the area where you built a house(pictured 2nd below). The...

Australia’s Largest Indoor Play Place 1

Australia’s Largest Indoor Play Place

We visited Little Dynamos which says that it’s the largestindoor play place in Australia. It’s located on the airport(train) line just a couple stops from the airport at Georgeand Allen Streets. I was able to get all three kids there onmy own; it’s just a couple blocks from the train. I includeda map for those friends who might want to let the kids burnoff energy after a long airplane trip.

We’re Back!  (And a few freebies on currclick) 0

We’re Back! (And a few freebies on currclick)

We just returned from a wonderful holiday in Sydney and Canberra. We did a lot of really fantastic things and caught up with some friends. I feel rejuvenated and excited for the next term. I’m brimming with ideas!! It has been more than a year since we’ve been away as a family (we live in a very isolated town; 1200km to the nearest city!) I’ll be posting a few pictures...

A Few Useful Resources — Activity List, Writing Games, etc. 0

A Few Useful Resources — Activity List, Writing Games, etc.

I found a really good resource for upper elementary aged students.  It’s a list of homework ideas for students at a Montessori school.  The list has suggestions in a whole range of categories from creative arts and language to science, math and sports. It’s about five pages long.  It includes ideas such as knit, embroider, tie knots, learn to weave, learn how to use tools from an adult, start a...

Music in the Homeschool Den 0

Music in the Homeschool Den

Every now and then people ask each other on homeschoolgroups what kind of music they include in their homeschoolschedule. My kids all did Kindermusik (until the teacher started anew job). Now we do music classes with some friends.Currently we’re doing a class with ED’s little 20mo-old-friend. LD and DD decided they didn’t much like the “baby”class, though I hear DD singing all the songs we do (andshe usually joins us...

Math Addition Fact Activities 0

Math Addition Fact Activities

LD has been working on his addition facts.  Here are some of the activities we’ve done in the past few months. We often do two or three different math activities (not necessarily all addition related) and/or our math curriculum, Right Start Math. Right Start Math has some wonderful games; I recommend their math card games set; You can check it out at;=12 if you’re interested. Pictured below is a...