Making a Felt Board

We just got home from Sydney and Canberra (I posted a
few pictures below and will post more later this week), but
I had a bee in my bonnet and made a new felt board
late last night!

I scoured the internet for felt boards made by other people.
This is what I decided upon. I bought a large piece of felt
from a fabric store and two canvas panels for painting. I
put three holes across the top of the canvases and then
put a pipe cleaner through the holes to hold them together.
I taped the ends of the pipe cleaner down. Then I taped
the felt into place (to keep it firm while I sewed it all
together). I sewed the two pieces together on the back
and then sewed the sides together as shown.

I liked the way the stitch looked on the finished project
so I took a picture of how I did it. I’m sure there’s a name
for that stitch, but I don’t know it! Each stitch I poked
the needle down through the fabric, then brought the needle
through the loop before pulling taunt.

The last picture just shows how the felt board folds up
for easy storage. I’ll keep the larger pieces of felt in the
middle of the felt board so they don’t get crinkled. I’ll
store the smaller bits in ziploc bags so that ED doesn’t
get into them at fling them around the room.

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  1. LOL, yours is SO much better than mine, I couldn't figure out how to get the felt to stay on the board, so I used Duct Tape! LOL! It stayed for awhile, but now its just non-sticky, fuzzy Duct Tape! I'll have to break out the needle and thread. I also want to make your felt buttoning flowers etc, just not a great sewing person!

  2. That's really funny! I've just been using loose pieces of felt, which to be honest has worked just fine. But then when I see the awesome projects other people have put together, I get that niggling feeling, "I can do that too!" Just don't peek around the house too much or you'll notice that all the bags aren't unpacked, piles of laundry line the hallway… sigh… !!

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