Felt Board Play

Here are some ways the felt board can be used. You can
use it for free play (shapes), dress up play (like the bear
in the last picture below, laminated pictures like the
fairies you see below (just tape a piece of sandpaper on the
back) and patches. I happened to have lots of patches
around that I never used. They’re pretty and work well
on the felt board.  Someone else suggested using felt boards
for letters and numbers (though I have lots of magnets and
will probably not spend the time making felt ones).

I also plan to use felt pieces as literacy props to tell (and
have the kids retell stories).  There are lots of websites out
there that have free story props such as (littlegiraffes.com, dltk-kids.com and http://www.ourschoolfamily.com/Literacy%20Props.htm)
I’d like to make an effort to sit down with everyone
to retell stories such as the Billy Goats Gruff and
Little Red Riding Hood.

My version of the felt board can be used flat, vertical
and horizontal (on an angle).

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