Chemistry Activities – The First 20 Elements of the Periodic Table

Learn about the elements of the Periodic Table with these new chemistry booklets!

This is just a quick post to let you know that I have just added two new chemistry activities to the Chemistry Unit Packet.  I made two new booklets – one on The First 20 Elements and the other on Elements with Unusual Symbols.

Chemistry Activities - The first 20 elements - unusual symbols

It has been a year and a-half or so since we first talked in-depth about the periodic table. My youngest daughter, now in 6th grade, needed some review on how to find the atomic number, atomic weight, group & periods as well as some review of the elements.

Elements Booklets - The first 20 elements - Unusual element names

I made these two new booklets to have her practice finding information such as atomic number, atomic mass, the period and group numbers. (See the example answers of Helium, Carbon and Antimony above.) She also is researching and finding out more about each of these elements (more about that in a sec.)

Instructions to make the booklet/s: Print these pages out single-sided.  Fold them in half. Staple or bind them along the left-hand side.

The first booklet will help familiarize students with the first 20 elements.

The First 20 Elements Activity Booklet

We have a beautiful book about the elements by Theodore Gray Elements: A Visual Exploration of Every Known Atom in the Universe that we have been using as a reference. It has huge pictures of the elements as well as pictures of items that use this element.

Booklet and the book - Elements A Visual Exploration of Every Known Atom in the UniverseThe second booklet goes over Elements with Unusual Symbols.

Elements with unusual symbols activity

Ever been curious what the element tungsten is used for? The two-page spread shows you both a picture of the element as well as items that contain it. My daughter is looking at the element & pictures and using this for the facts section of the booklets. Again, this beautiful book can be found here. You can also have your kids do research on the internet, but I just love the photos and layout of this book and highly recommend it!

Element Tungsten

You will find the latest updates (the two booklets above) on pages 107 to 134 of the Chemistry Unit Packet.

I hope this new update is helpful!

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These two new booklets are in our Chemistry Unit – Periodic Table, Valence Electrons, Periods, Groups, Lewis Diagrams and More!

100+ Page Chemistry Packet!

Chemistry Unit - Worksheets Chemistry Cards Interactive Notebook Piece and more

Chemistry Unit - Building the Periodic Table ActivitySome of the topics we explored in the Chemistry Unit include:

  • Building the Periodic Table
  • Bohr Diagrams & Understanding Valence Electrons
  • Periods, Groups & Families
  • hydrogen & the alkali metals, alkaline Earth metals, halogens, noble gases
  • Atomic Number, Atomic Mass & Chemical Symbols
  • Lewis Diagrams
  • Metals, Metalloids and Nonmetals
  • Unusual Element Symbols
  • Trends of the Periodic Table
  • Electron Configuration

Chemistry Unit - Bohr Diagrams Valence Electron Activity - Parts of the Atom worksheet 2Hands-On Chemistry CardsAgain, see more about the Chemistry Packet: The Periodic Table here.

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Chemistry BUNDLE


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$23.99 Chemistry BUNDLE (States of Matter Packet, Properties of Matter Packet, Electricity & Circuits Packet, Chemistry Packet)

Chemistry BUNDLE

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States of Matter

States of Matter Unit - worksheets and activities

Properties of Matter Unit

Properties of Matter - Elements Compounds Mixtures - viscosity density and more

Electricity & Circuits UnitElectricity Unit

Chemistry Packet: The Periodic TableChemistry Unit The Periodic Table Ions Isotopes Bohr Diagrams and more

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