Mid-Year Homeschool Assessment Packet: Evaluate, Reflect and Assess How Things Are Going

Free Mid-Year Homeschool Assessment Packet

About this time of year, I get itchy.  I know that the holidays are coming up and we will take a well-deserved break! Right around the holidays, I also take the time to think about how things are going. Today, I wanted to share this Free Homeschool Assessment Packet with you (I updated and expanded it a bit this year.).

This packet has several pages so you can reflect on your homeschool progress… Are we moving too fast? too slow?  Are we covering all the subjects or are we spending more time on one than another? Have we covered what I thought we would or have we taken some (wonderful!) side detours?  What new kinds of activities do I want to add into our homeschool schedule… and for that matter, what activities should we stop?  Have we gotten into some bad habits?  What topics and activities are we really looking forward to? These are just some of the types of questions in the first part of this packet.

These are in the free pdf down below:

  • How is this year going? What are the kids’ favorite things about homeschooling? What is mine?
  • What are our biggest achievements so far? What are our most memorable homeschool moments?
  •   What makes me feel like we’ve had a “good” homeschool week? What makes the difference?
  •  Do I feel organized from day-to-day, week-to-week?  Do I use a planner regularly? Do I need to schedule my days better?
  •  What areas of our homeschool life leave me feeling stressed?
  •  What subjects or units have not gone as planned? How can we improve?
  •   What field trips did we do? Which ones stand out?
  • Do the kids get along well? Do they bicker much?  What can I do to help these dynamics?
  •  Do the kids work hard? Do they ever have an attitude? Do they complain? Are things too easy, too hard, too boring, too monotonous?
  •  How is our homeschool social life? Do the kids have good friends?
  •  Are we over scheduled?
  •   Do the kids get exercise daily?  Do they move around enough throughout the course of the day? Is there something we could add in once a week that would be a fun activity to get more exercise (racquetball, swimming, roller skating, bowling, indoor soccer, laser tag, hikes in the woods, museum trip, basketball, Wii Fit, indoor trampoline exercises, fitness DVD, Simon says, yoga)?
  •  Do I get enough exercise? Do I sleep enough? Do I get enough time to myself?
  •  How is the house? Are chores going well?  Does everyone pull their weight?  How can we all pitch in?
  •  Family fun: What do we do for fun in our family?  Will we remember these special times in five years?  How can we add in more meaningful & memorable activities?

In the second half are some self-reflection questions which go deeper into the way I’m running my life… is my life balanced with family, friends, spiritual life, fun, physical activity and things like that? This is something I tend to do at New Years, but I wanted to share that with you now (even if you put it aside on your desk til the New Year rolls around).

Finally, there are some new homeschool planning pages that I just created are specifically for this month (Nov. 26 through Dec. 17th).   We have 4 more weeks of school before we take a longer break and have an enormous amount going on each day (including a bunch of random things like dentist checkups, surgery for our dog, repairmen, donations pickups as well as the holiday things).  I added these to the Mid-Year Assessment Packet if you can use it.

Note: If you scroll down below, I have a link to our free 100+ Page homeschool planner, but these holiday-themed pages are not included in it. Instead, just click on the picture and/or the Mid-Year Assessment Packet link to download these free pages.

Homeschool Planning PagesHere are some of the pages from my homeschool planner. I printed out the pages I wanted and have been jotting things down all afternoon! It’s filling up quickly! 🙂

If you look closely at the pictures of my planner, you’ll see the spiral coil that holds my planner together.  I have a TruBind Spiral Binder (affiliate link) that I use to make my homeschool planners and various packets for the kids. I bought it a couple of years ago and love, love, love that binding machine! It’s easy to use. You just hole punch the paper and twist the spiral coils into place. I also bought clear plastic covers and a plastic back just to add some protection to the things we print out.  That’s one of my favorite homeschool tools!

Mid-Year Homeschool Assessment Packet - Homeschool Planning Pages

Note: In the picture above, you’ll see there is a calendar page. I have a free printable calendar (2018-2019 School Year) and printed two months per page.

If you are interested, you can download the Mid-Year Homeschool Assessment Packet here. It too is FREE to download! Hope it’s useful!

Enjoy! ~Liesl

Free Packet: Mid-Year Homeschool Assessment Packet – Evaluate Reflect Assess

Mid Year Homeschool Assessment Packet - Reflect Evaluate AssessClick here to share this on Pinterest

Mid-YearHomeschool Assessment Packet - Free Printable

I also added some holiday planning pages to the packet.  I printed these on two sides of a paper and added them to my Homeschool Planner.  I have a long list of things that need to be done this holiday period (as I’m sure you do!)  I needed a bit more room than just notes on a calendar for random things

  • Holiday Cards
  • furnace inspection
  • wood stove chimney inspection
  • wood pile
  • leaves
  • put up outside decorations
  • inside decorations – tablecloth
  • holiday concerts, parties, activities
  • GS meetings and holiday parties

Planning has definitely been on my mind this past week or so. Be sure to visit this post: Homeschooling in November and December, a Busy Time of Year.  I also have some pages in my updated planner from that post. 🙂

FREE November - December Planning and Organization PrintablesHoliday Planning Pages - Free
Free 2018-2019 Calendar Printable

Free 2018-2019 School Year Calendar

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Free Homeschool Planner:

Speaking of being organized, at the beginning of the summer I shared a free 100-page packet of Homeschool Planning pages. This unique homeschool planning packet is FREE to download!  Not only does this packet include daily and weekly planning pages, checklists and record keeping pages, but it also includes various homeschool journaling pages… think gratitude journal meets homeschool goal setting! (This is different than the Homeschool Vision Planner that I shared back in May.) You can check it out with the link below. Hope it’s helpful!! ~Liesl

Free Homeschool Planner and Discovery Journal:
Free Homeschool Planner Homeschool Planner This is the free homeschool vision planner I mentioned:  free homeschool vision planner is here (for long-term planning):

Free Homeschool Planner

For my Australian friends, I know you are getting ready to wrap up the school year. You might be interested in these free Student and Parent Reflection Packets:

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End of Year Homeschool Questionnaire (Parent Reflection Questions)


 That’s about it for today! I hope you had a lovely break!

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Happy Homeschooling, everyone!!  ~Liesl

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