Free Coin Counting, Money Activities!

Do your kids need practice counting coins?  Enjoy these free coin-counting printables! Be sure to grab both money counting activity packets below. 🙂

Free Coin Counting PrintablesFirst is a coin-counting paper chain activity! Kids will practice skip counting (by 5s, 10s or 25s) or will practice counting change.

  • Cut out all the strips and mix them up.
  • Your kids will need a stapler.
  • There are skip counting with nickels, dimes or quarters. Have them create paper chains with the paper strips.
  • There are also several pages with different coin combinations.  Kid make chains of three with the coins, $0.37, and 37¢ (just as an example!)

To download this free printable, just click on the link (or picture) below:

Math Chain Fun – Coins Skip Counting 5s 10s

coin counting activityThe second printable set includes coin cards which your kids can use either to make a file folder game or as a memory game. You can also use the cards to play “War.”

Coin Counting CardsYounger kids in your family can use real coins and match them to the coin cards. (Be sure to supervise any children who might put coins in their mouths.)

I suggest you print the coin cards and amount cards out on cardstock for durability.

There are 12 pages in this file, 6 coin cards and 6 amount cards.  The Coin Counting pdf is currently free to download! Just click on the link (or picture) below. Enjoy!! ~Liesl

 Coin Counting File Folder Game

Free Coin Counting File Folder Game

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Free Coin Counting Activities

P.S. If you celebrate Halloween, there are some coin counting worksheets at this post:

HalloweenMath-coinsThere is also a free Minecraft-themed Coin counting game at this post!

Minecraft Coin Money Game

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