Free Halloween Math Worksheets: Addition, Subtraction, Coins and Skip Counting

I have made tons of fun math worksheets for the kids over the years. Below you’ll find some free Halloween math practice pages for Addition and Subtraction Practice and for Skip Counting and Coin Counting.

The first couple of pages are Halloween-themed addition and subtraction worksheets:

Free Halloween Addition-Subtraction Practice Worksheets


The other pages are on Halloween-themed skip counting and coins. (They are in a separate PDF.)

Halloween  Skip counting and Coins Practice Page


I also made some Halloween worksheets for my older two kids in this same design. They are on free Halloween worksheets on multiplication/division practice and on fractions (reducing fractions/equivalent fractions). Tomorrow we have some spooky science experiments to share. Guess we’re getting into the holiday spirit!


Fall and Halloween Freebies

On this other Halloween Freebies page, you’ll find more than a dozen other Fall and Halloween Freebies!

Fall and Halloween Freebies - Free PrintablesYou’ll find these multiplication freebies at the other Halloween post!!

Halloween-multiplication-worksheetsFree Halloween Addition-Subtraction Worksheet Packet (Again, you’ll find this at the other Halloween FREEBIES post.)


You might also be interested in our K-2 Math BUNDLE.  It is one of the best values we offer with more than 300+pages of worksheets and 20pdfs for just $5.50. (Obviously, I’ve had a LOT of fun making these over the years!!)


The K-2 Math BUNDLE includes 20+ pdfs with more than 300 pages of math activities, games, worksheets and more!

In  addition and subtraction to TONS of worksheets, games and activities, there are also files that cover the

  • fact families,
  • shapes,
  • fractions,
  • temperature,
  • time/clocks,
  • days of the week, months of the year

There are lots of seasonal packets from Fall themed pages to holidays, winter math fun, Valentine’s Day, Jelly Beans and more!

A few close-ups of what is included:


Addition Subtraction - Cars Worksheet Packet

Subtraction Packet - Spring Theme

Montessori-Style-Addition-WorksheetsClocks - Telling Time Matching Activity and Practice WorksheetsDays of the Week Months of the Year Seasons Worksheets and BookletAnd many other packets! See this page for more pics and details!

Don’t forget to check your PayPal email address for the download link.

$5.50 K-2 Math BUNDLE  (over 300 pages of materials, 20 pdfs and growing!)

K-2 Math BUNDLE Addition Subtraction shapes clocks calendar and more

MULTIPLICATION – DIVISION MATH BUNDLE: You might also be interested in our huge Multiplication/Division Bundle (for learning the math facts from 2s through 11s… This bundle also includes more than 25+ pdfs!) or in any of our science, history, spelling or other packets in our store!

Multiplication and Division BUNDLE - 2s through 12s

We also have a huge multiplication/division Math BUNDLE.

The Multiplication/Division BUNDLE includes more than 25+ PDFs for learning the 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s, 6s, 7s, 8s, 9s, 10s, 11s, and 12s. You can find out more about the Multiplication/Division BUNDLE at this page. I have also included more pictures below.

  $7.00 Multiplication and Division Bundle (300+ pages of materials)

Be sure to check your PayPal email address for the download link (from SendOwl, the service I use)!

If you have any questions feel free to email me! ~Liesl

Multiplication - Division Worksheets Games and Skip-Counting Activities

When my youngest was 8, she took on the big math task of learning all of her multiplication tables. As my daughter moved into learning her multiplication facts I looked around for the kind of multiplication practice that would help her. The math book she was using went through the math facts a bit too quickly for her. She needed quite a bit of repetition and wanted bright, colorful worksheets. I wound up making my own sets of practice pages and games. She loved that!

I made her multiplication packets for each multiplication fact family as she worked through them.

Multiplication Worksheets 2s 3s 4s

Multiplication Worksheets 6s 7sMultiplication Worksheets 8s 9sWhat order did she learn her math facts?  2s, 5s, 10s, 3s, 6s and 7s (because those skip counting songs were easy for her!), 4s, 9s, 8s. That doesn’t mean your child has to do them in that order, I’m just sharing what worked for her!! ?

Since she knew how to skip count by 2s, 5s and 10s, we started with a small packet of materials on those (top left below) before moving on to the 3s, which includes the file-folder game you see below as well as the worksheet packet on the right below.

You might also want to check out our Big Animal BUNDLE

The Big Animal BUNDLE includes 7 packets.   1) Animal Unit, 2) World Animals Packet, 3) Rainforest Packet, 4) Life Cycles Packet, 5) Winter Packet – plus 6) the Cicadas Packet 7) the Chameleon Packet and 8) Wolf Packet.These Animal Units can each be purchased individually as well. See more details here: Big Animal BUNDLE

Big Animal BUNDLE - includes 8 pdfs

If you are a first-time visitor to our website, you might want to check out some of resource pages.  At the top of the blog (if you’re on a laptop/desktop) you’ll find some resource page tabs that will give you can scan through to see the types of resources we have (or click directly on the link below):

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Homeschool Science Curriculum - Science Units


Science Activities for Early Elementary

Creating Your Own Homeschool Curriculum: These are some resources I made that might be helpful as you create your own homeschool plans.  These are somewhere between 30 and 50 pages and are FREE to download:

Homeschool Curriculum Kindergarten Grade 1

Homeschool Science Curriculum Grade 2-3

Creating Your Own Homeschool Curriculum Grade 4 - 5

Homeschool Curriculum Grade 6-8

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Homeschool Den StoreHappy Homeschooling, everyone!!  ~Liesl

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