Free 30-Page Halloween Multiplication Packet: Math Worksheets and Games

I have a 30-page Halloween-themed Multiplication Packet to share with my amazing readers today! This packet has 20 or so multiplication worksheets. These cover the 2s through the 9s (even though my daughter hasn’t covered all the math fact families yet, I still included all of them.)   You can print out two pages on one sheet to save space.  I printed two per page, folded them in half and stapled them together as a booklet.

Halloween-multiplication-worksheetsThis packet also contains 10 multiplication game boards. I always print ours on Card Stock.  The best thing about these games is that my daughter will beg to play round after round after round! (Just think how many math facts are being practiced!!)  Here are a few of the different Multiplication Races:

Halloween-Multiplication-RacesEach game has a number in the upper right corner which tells you which multiplication fact family is being practiced. For each game board, you need to make a different die. We used wooden cubes that we bought at the craft store.  Each game board needs a die. For example,

2s– write these problems on the wooden cubes 2×4=, 2×5, 2×6=, 2×7=, 2×8=, 2×9=

3s — write these problems on the wooden cubes 3×4=, 3×5, 3×6=, 3×7=, 3×8=, 3×9=

and so forth through the 9s

The last game board is mixed practice: Create a die that has these problems: 6×7, 7×8, 9×8, 4×7, 3×8, 9×9

Below is an example of the 6s Game Board and the homemade die:

Halloween-Races-Multiplication-GameTo Play:

  • Players take a guess as to which Halloween column will win.
  • Place 6 tokens across the bottom of the game board.
  • Players take turns rolling the die and solving the problem. They move the die once space closer to the finish.
  • When one of the tokens makes it to the end, the round is over! Did anyone guess correctly?

So, if you would like to download this 30-Page Multiplication Packet, just click on the link below:

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Halloween Math Packet Multiplication Worksheets and Games


Halloween Multiplication by 6s File Folder Game!  This is a quick File Folder Game I made for ED to work on her 6s times table. It is free to download if you can use it!

How do you make a File Folder Game?

  • Print the pages that follow (pages 2-4) on card stock.
  • Glue (or tape) skeletal blackboard sheet (page 2) to the outside of a file folder. Attach a Ziploc bag into the inside of the file folder. Cut out the number pieces (page 3).
  • Glue the 6s Answer Key Sheet to the under side of the File Folder so students can check their own work before putting the materials away in the Ziploc bag.

6s File Folder Game-HalloweenTheme

HalloweenFileFolderGameOther Free Halloween-Themed Math Worksheets:



These were some skip counting mazes I made for my daughter last year to practice her 2s, 3s and 5s


We also have a number of multiplication packets that may be of interest:

Learning the Multiplication Tables 2s thru 9s with skip counting activities, practice worksheets, games, and more!

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