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Free Halloween Math Worksheets: Addition, Subtraction, Coins and Skip Counting

I have made tons of fun math worksheets for the kids over the years. Below you’ll find some free Halloween math practice pages for Addition and Subtraction Practice and for Skip Counting and Coin Counting. The first couple of pages are Halloween-themed addition and subtraction worksheets: Free Halloween Addition-Subtraction Practice Worksheets The other pages are on Halloween-themed skip counting and coins. (They are in a separate PDF.) Halloween  Skip counting...


Coins, Coins, Coins! (Ages 4-6)

ED has been working on coins for math.  To be honest, sometimes things just don’t get accomplished unless I’ve taken some time before-hand to get things ready. Here are some activities I got together for her. I grabbed our coin bowl and made pre-made ziploc bags of coins for her to match.  There is one extra card for each packet. I placed five small ziploc bags with pre-counted amounts of coins...