Math Challenge Packet for Ages 4 to 6 – FREE!

When my daughter was just going into kindergarten she loved math, but I had a hard time finding material that worked well for her, so I created various materials for her.  Today, I’m going to share a 10-page Math Challenge Math Packet with you that may work for your 4 to 6-year old.

What kinds of things are in the Math Challenge Packet? Counting (legs, candy, eyes, etc.!), graphing and grouping problems, odd/even, an introduction to skip counting (2s, 10s), patterns, coins (penny/nickel), clock face, calendar, reasoning problems and things like that.

When my daughter was that around 4 or so, we used to chant by 10s each evening when she brushed her teeth.  She could count orally 10, 20, 30, etc.  and then began working on writing those.

She also worked quite a bit on “what comes after” and “what comes before.”

We had her starting to memorize her phone number and also talked a lot about safety (and dialing 9 1 1 in an emergency).  That’s what the “cell phone” page was for! 🙂

I hope your kids enjoy working through these types of problems, as much as my kids did!

Remember, if your child doesn’t understand something, help him/her out or just move on to the next problem!

If your child enjoys this, I would love to hear from you! ~Liesl

Download the FREE Math Challenge Worksheets – Ages 4-6:

Math Challenge Worksheets Ages 4 to 6

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Happy Homeschooling!  ~Liesl

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