Math Ladder Game (Free Printable)

My kids *loved* playing games to help them learn their math facts.  I made a fancy version of amath fact game we used to play. It’s free to download!

This game takes less than 10 minutes to play (though perhaps more if your kids are like mine and beg to play again and again!!).

wooden-cubeTo play this game, you need a die or a wooden cube with the numbers 1 to 6. If your students are more advanced you can use the numbers 4 to 9 (write them on a wooden cube. You can find wooden cubes here (affiliate link) or at a craft store).

Both you and your child need a token to move up the ladder.

To Play:

  • Let your child go first. Have her/him roll the die. Then add (or multiply) the number on the first rung of the ladder.  If she/he gets the answer correct, move to the next rung and so forth.  If she/he makes it to the top she gets 10 points (or as many points as correct answers).
  • Now it’s your (the parent’s) turn. Roll the die.  You are also trying to make it to the top adding (or multiplying) each number by the number on the die, but you have to make one mistake as you go up the row. If your child catches the mistake, she/he steals all of your points (from this round).
  • Play three rounds and the game is over!

You can use the orange game board for subtraction practice.

You can download these free math game boards below.  Have fun! ~Liesl

Math Ladder Game for Math Fact Practice – Free Printable

Math Fact Game

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