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DD has learned most of her multiplication facts, but she still needs lots of extra practice because it takes her a while to come up with the answer sometimes.  I’m trying to find some fun ways to keep her practicing them and making sure she has them memorized and can recite the answer quickly. So here’s a post covering some of the fun ways we’re reviewing those facts… everything from running around, bouncing balls and game boards to some of the free online games that are out there!!


Math Monster (ie. Math Freeze Tag!):

Last week, we had a lot of fun with the facts.  One afternoon, we went outside and played Math Monster for about an hour. Essentially that’s freeze tag with math facts.  I wrote up a whole bunch of facts for the kids. They each had their own color.


Then I spread these ALL around the yard.  When I said go, the kids had to run away from me (the math monster)… If I caught them and they didn’t have a math fact card in their hand they were frozen. If I tagged them and they had a math fact card, they had 5 seconds to give me the answer. If they didn’t answer or if they got the answer incorrect they were frozen.  They could be unfrozen by their sibling. If I froze all three of them before they found all 10 of their cards, then the Math Monster won the game! If they found all their cards, answered them all correctly (they could only pick up one card at a time) and were not frozen they won the game.  I won one round, they won the other two rounds. Now that the kids are older, I have to run REALLY hard to catch them so it was great exercise for me (always a big plus!). We came in absolutely tuckered out!! But also, the kids said that was one of the highlights of the week!!

Below: Here are the kids running to get the cards. I counted to 5 before starting to chase after them! You have to look pretty closely to see the pink, red and yellow cards out in the grass

Math tag

The next two games are just quick indoor games DD (and I) played.

Ping Pong Multiplication:

It doesn’t take too much explanation to see what was going on with the ping pong ball multiplication practice!

Math Cups

You’ll notice that the facts she practiced with the ping pong game are different from the ones she practiced on the game board I made for her below.

Multiplication Game Board:

I made a kitty math race sheet for DD to practice some of her multiplication facts. It’s basically identical to the one I made (and shared last week) for ED to practice doubling (7+7, etc.).    I wrote the multiplication problems on a wooden die (6×7, 7×8, 9×8, 4×7, 4×8, 9×9). Each player took a turn rolling the die, solving the problem and moving the token one space ahead on the board. Again, this is not a competitive game, we just played to see which kitty “won.”


 You can download this kitty multiplication game board free here:



Here are some online games that are great for that extra multiplication practice. And best thing is,  they’re free to play!

This website has quite a selection of multiplication games. Here are a few of the online games that have been great for reviewing those facts.


The Knight and the Princess Multiplication Game:

Online Multiplication Game

And another from called Fairy Fun.  The picture adds more and more detail as you answer the problems correctly.

Free Online Multiplication Game

There is also an addition game Fairy Fun Addition Game from Fun4thebrain.

Keep your penguin customers happy by scooping at the correct answers in Cone Crazy:

Free Online Multiplication Game

Fun for the Brain

This website also has a lot of good multiplication games:

Lucky Drops:


Alien Munch Line

Free Online Multiplication Game

Scrambled Egg City

A game by MacMillan-McGrawHill for reviewing the

2s and 5s

3s and 4s

6s and 8s (pictured below)


Timez Attack

The other terrific game that I’ve had the kids play is called Timez Attack. There is a free version that does a wonderful job of teaching all the multiplication facts. This game plays more like a video game and students work on progressively harder problems.

timez-attackTimez Attack

Do you have any favorite websites for playing math games? I’d love to hear some of your suggestions over at my Homeschool Den Facebook Page. That’s also a great place to catch up on some of the old post you may have missed. I have links to all the recent posts I’ve done. 

Learning the Multiplication Facts:  As my daughter moved into learning her multiplication facts I looked around for the kind of multiplication practice that would help her. The math book she was using went through the math facts a bit too quickly for her.  She needed quite a bit of repetition and wanted bright, colorful worksheets. I wound up making my own sets of practice pages and games. She loved that! Be sure to check out our Multiplication Bundle here: Learning the Multiplication Tables 2s thru 9s. You’ll see links to these individual packets at the bottom of that post.

Learning the Multiplication Tables 

What order did my daughter learn her math facts?  2s, 5s, 10s, 3s, 6s and 7s (because those skip counting songs were easy for her!), 4s, 9s, 8s.

Here are some of the 4s pages:

Multiplication-By-4s-Worksheets-Animal-ThemeAnd, here are some of the 8s.

Multiplication-by-8s-Worksheet-PacketSee you again soon here or over at our Homeschool Den Facebook Page! Don’t forget to Subscribe to our Homeschool Den Newsletter. You might also want to check out some of our resources pages above (such as our Science, Language Arts, or History Units Resource Pages) which have links to dozens of posts.  Don’t forget to check out Our Store as well. :)

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