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FREE President’s Day Resources

February 20th is President’s Day here in the U.S. I thought I would share some resources we have here on the blog relating to our Presidents as well as our (free) U.S Landmarks and Symbols Montessori cards and other materials. We have several different packets about our US Presidents that are free here on the blog.

The third Monday in February is a federal holiday in the U.S. It is officially called Washington’s Birthday. Because Abraham Lincoln’s birthday is February 12, many people refer to this holiday as Presidents’ Day.  This is also a state holiday, though different states call it different things:  Washington’s Birthday,   President’s Day, Presidents’ Day, Washington and Lincoln Day, and even George Washington/Thomas Jefferson Birthday (in Alabama).

Last year I made some notebook pages that highlight some of the Presidents who were in charge during trying times: U.S. Presidents’ Worksheets – Presidents Day (These are free)

I also made a couple of notebook pages which will highlight a few of the Presidents who were in office during some of the major events:

  • Andrew Jackson                              the Trail of Tears.
  • Abraham Lincoln                            the Civil War
  • Woodrow Wilson                            World War I
  • Herbert Hoover (and FDR)          the Great Depression
  • Franklin Delano Roosevelt           World War II
  • Harry S. Truman                            the Korean War
  • John F. Kennedy                            the Cuban Missile Crisis


We have some free notebook pages about President Dwight Eisenhower which I shared earlier this semester.

US Presidents Worksheets

We have some free notebook pages about President Ronald Reagan that we did last year:

Ronald Reagan Worksheets Notebook Pages Free

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FREE Presidents Day Resources

NEW! U.S. Presidents Activity We have a new printable booklet that highlights 14 Presidencies from Washington and Lincoln to FDR, JFK and more! It comes in 3 versions: one with full notes, a cut-and-paste version, and a note-taking version.

You can get this FREE download at this post: U.S. Presidents – Quick Study Packet

US Presidents Quick Study - Highlighting 14 PresidentsUS President Quick Study Booklet

We also have a U.S. Civics and Government Packet: In this unit, we covered not only the 3 branches of government, the Constitution and “basic facts” about the U.S., but some new material (for us)… how State and Local governments work, what the federal, state and local governments do for us, and what kinds of taxes we pay to help keep the government running. You can find out more about our Civics and Government Packet here:


US Constitution Worksheets and the 3 branches of government 3 Branches of Government Activity

We have a World Facts Packet – which talks not only about some of the basic facts I wanted the kids to know about the world (What are the largest countries? Which countries have the largest population? What are the world’s longest rivers?) But also covers some basic facts about the United States as well (What is the smallest state? the biggest state? What is the name of the country’s tallest mountain? etc.). You can find out more about it here:

World Facts Packet

World Facts Packet - Geographic Features Landform Words Topographic Maps Geographic Features Landform Words Worksheets Activity Pages

If you have slightly younger kids, you might also be interested in our Montessori cards: U.S. Symbols and Landmarks. These are free here:

US Landmarks and Symbols CardsIf you plan to cover the Causes and Events Leading to the American Revolution, you might want to check out our American Revolution packet.

American Revolution WorksheetsWe also have a large packet about Slavery and the Civil War which you can check out here:

Slavery and the Civil War PacketSlavery Worksheets - Transatlantic Slave Trade Middle Passage

Oregon Trail Lapbook and Notebook Pages

Oregon Trail Lapbook and Notebook PagesAge of Exploration Packet

Age of Exploration Worksheets Notebook Pages Age of Exploration Worksheet Cards Age of Exploration Worksheets Notebook Pages

European History Packet

European History Packet - Worksheets Notebook Pages and More

World War I Packet

World War I Unit with Worksheets Notebook Pages and More

That’s about it for today!

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