Preschool Geography

NAME THAT CONTINENT: One morning in collection (our group time) I brought out a beach ball globe. We took turns tossing the ball around the circle. Each time someone caught the ball they had to look at where their thumb had landed and had to name that continent. The kids quickly became silly, but we did manage to get a few rounds in for each of them.


P1150810geographyAnother preschool geography activity we did recently was a “Where I Live” craft.  Jenn over at Finally in First did this a year or so ago and I think they did this at Counting Coconuts as well. I wanted to be sure to do this with ED for our geography unit this semester.

I love the fact that these reinforce the size from your planet on down to your street. We don’t live in Nevada, but I wanted a picture to be able to share with you!

We included our

  • planet
  • continent
  • country
  • state
  • city
  • street

We put these together with a couple of brads. It now resides on our (obviously cluttered) dining room table and every now and then we read it together with ED.




Last year (Dec. 2010) we did a similar activity with nesting boxes. You can see that post here: Earth Science Nesting Box



If you are interested in some of our other recent geography activities, I did a long post about them about ten days ago.  You can view that post here.

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