Parthenon Craft (Ancient Greece Unit)

I think I mentioned last week that we started a new unit on Ancient Greece. (We studied Ancient Egypt last semester.) We’ve been quite busy reading and crafting and LD seems to be having a lot of fun with this unit!

LD and I worked together to on this wonderful Parthenon craft that we found at


All we needed was a printer, scissors, glue, tape and a cereal box!

Making the Parthenon - Ancient Greece Craft

We visited this Art History Website (by Sandra J. Shaw) which was an art history lecture with many beautiful photos of the Parthenon, its friezes and sculptures.

We’ve been using the The Usborne Internet-linked Encyclopedia of Ancient Greece  (affliliate link) as a resource which has great photos, maps, examples of art, sculpture, architecture and more.

Parthenon Craft - Ancient Greece Unit

You might also be interested in our packet on the Ancient Greek gods and goddesses! This unit includes the major Olympian gods and touches on some of the famous mythology of Ancient Greece. You’ll find that here: Ancient Greek Gods and Goddesses

Ancient Greek Gods and Goddesses PacketAncient Greek Gods and Goddesses ActivitiesAncient Greek Gods and Goddesses Unit - Mythology Packet

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Ancient Greek Gods and Goddesses Packet

Ancient Greek Gods and Goddesses Unit - PacketED has been learning about the Olympic Gods and has been reading a lot of the Ancient Greek myths.  Here is ED’s Ancient Greek Gods and Goddess family tree project (the printable cards are included in the packet!)

Olympic Gods Family Tree Project - Ancient Greek Gods and Goddesses

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