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Theme Time: Ocean Creatures

The theme time table is working really well and only takes 10-15 minutes to cleanup and change over. It’s been great to bring in such a variety of books into our day again. And as I said in an earlier post, having things out on display work really well to ‘lure’ the girls (ages 2 and 4) in when they are interested. Obviously the theme of this table is ocean...

Layers of the Rainforest Activity 0

Layers of the Rainforest Activity

After talking about the various layers of the rainforest and why animals would live in particular levels of the forest, the kids sorted the animal cards into the various layers. You can find lots of information online about the layers of the rainforest; I made my own cards and explanations. It’s available over in right sidebar downloads area if anyone’s interested. Please like & share:

Rainforest Animal Habitat (3-part card work) 0

Rainforest Animal Habitat (3-part card work)

I don’t think I ever talked about the kids’ sorting of the rainforest animals. We have two packs of 3-part cards — the Amazon and the African rainforest animals. Both sets of cards are from the Montessori Print Shop for less than $2US each. As always, we started with our continent song and the general pin map of the 7 continents (not shown in the photos here). Then we looked...

Theme Time: Farms 0

Theme Time: Farms

I needed to do something a bit different for my two and four-year olds, so I’ve decided to set up a theme collection each morning. It’ll help me rotate in some of the preschool games and toys  we have and to bring a new selection of books out. And, while the workboxes work well, by having a display out on the craft table, ED (age 2) is much more drawn...

Theme Time: Dinosaurs 0

Theme Time: Dinosaurs

It’s amazing how many books and things you findin various nooks and crannies around the house.We had quite a large selection of dinosaur books,puzzles, animals (mostly from my childhood!).I added in a puppet, board game and made amath worksheet for DD. (You can download itat the right if you’re interested.)  The wonderful thing about this was that ED andDD spent a LOT of time here today doing thingsindependently (though I...

States of Matter: Solid, Liquid, Gas 1

States of Matter: Solid, Liquid, Gas

Last week we did a sorting activity on solids, liquids and gases. This activity was actually quite challenging for them, so we’ll have to repeat it a number of times in the near future. After they sorted the cards together (with help from me), we ran around the house and collected one example of each and presented it to the others. You may be interested in how we covered this...

Princess — Sight Word Games 3

Princess — Sight Word Games

This week I have some new games ready for DD. DD is reading simple words, but doesn’t quite have the patience to read Bob Books (or the equivalent); yet, she is beyond simple letter-sound activities. I’ve been trying to find simple word games to play with her. I found some lovely cards at Kelly’s Kindergarten that appeal to DD. I printed out the “Cinderella’s Ball” cards and “Sight Word Memory”...

Cinderella’s Midnight Word Game 0

Cinderella’s Midnight Word Game

Here are some of the Cinderella cards. The kids really enjoyed this game. Each player takes a turn turning over and reading the card. They keep any word they read. If a player gets a shoe card, s/he gets to take another player’s card. When the midnight card gets turned over, the round ends and the winner of that round is the player with the most cards. Please like &...


Living and Non Living Sorting Activities

If you’ve read about our activities for a while, you’ll see that we tend to repeat things quite a bit. This week, I stuck the living, non-living sorting into the workbox once again. DD really enjoyed it (LD only did the cards below and that was only because DD asked him to!) I can’t remember where I got the file folder game on the top left. The one on the...

Cookie Ingredients — Matching 0

Cookie Ingredients — Matching

DD’s workbox had this really great matching activity. Ithink it’s from the Teacher Book Bag. DD had to matchthe ingredient to it’s source (butter-cow; flour – wheat). It’s similar to the Where Things Come From activity thatyou can download free at Montessori for Everyone, butthis particular activity has all the basic cookie ingredients(including baking soda, salt, etc.) Since we bake a lot hereat our house, it is a great activity...

Making Butter 0

Making Butter

It’s been in the back of my mind for ages, but we finallymade butter today. DD poured cream into a plasticcontainer. We added (clean) marbles. It took a lot ofshaking, but it turned out well. Yum! Also part of DD’s workbox was a cute game called“Cooking Cookies” where you have to turn over all theingredients for your cookie, just make sure you don’tget a rotten egg or you have to...

Hearts Felt Board Play 0

Hearts Felt Board Play

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve brought out the felt board.ED and DD have enjoyed playing with the hearts I madefor them. The flowers and butterflies are just patches that Ihappened to have around in my sewing stuff. We made our own felt board out of two painting canvases;it folds in half for storage and is about 2 feet square.You can check out how I made it here and...