Theme Time: Numbers, numbers

My, I feel like a broken record this week, but the theme
time table has worked so well! I saw so much spontaneous use of our materials.

I use workboxes, but again for ED and DD having
things out really draws the girls in.

So, this set up was all about numbers. I pulled
out some math manipulatives for them to play
with. I pulled out all kinds of number related
books. I also pulled out various number puzzles
and a pony-bead activity too.

All three of the kids worked with the (Montessori)
multiplication board. DD used it to put 1-10 beads
(picture below); she changed out the wooden
number slip (left side of the board) for each
number she was working on (it was her idea to do that).
It was interesting watching her be so meticulous. LD used
the board for grouping and counting by 3s.

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