Spanish Worksheets for Kids – Days Months Seasons Weather

We have a new set of Spanish worksheets for kids which cover the days of the week, the months of the year, the seasons and the weather.

Spanish Worksheets for Kids - Days Month Seasons Weather - días meses estaciones tiempo climaEach of the four topics in this Spanish Worksheet Set includes 12-18 simple words and 15-20 sentences using that new vocabulary and include matching pages, fill-in-the-blank pages, flashcards and more. Here are some examples:

Los días de la semana: vocabulary words such as lunes, martes, miércoles, la semana, etc. and sentences such as Hoy es viernes. Ayer fue martes. El jueves aprendo español.

Spanish Worksheets for Kids - Los días de la semana activities games printables

Los Meses del año: vocabulary words such asenero, febrero, marzo, el mes, el día de fiesta, etc.  and sentences such as Es el mes de octubre. Hay doce meses. etc.

Spanish Worksheets for Kids - Los Meses del año - Months of the Year games activities printablesLas estaciones: vocabulary words such as el otoño, el invierno, el verano, la vacación de primavera, la navidad, la pascua etc. and sentences such as La navidad es en el invierno. El día de San Valentín es en febrero. Navidad es el veinticinco de diciembre.

Spanish Worksheets for Kids - Las estaciones - the seasons

El tiempo o El clima: vocabulary words such as Hace frío, la lluvia, el sol, las nubes, Hace viento. etc. and sentences such as En el verano hace calor. Hoy hace viento. En la primavera hace sol.

Spanish Worksheets for Kids El tiempo o El clima Spanish - The Weather

These Spanish worksheets sets are recommended for parents/teachers who have  good knowledge and pronunciation of Spanish. These Spanish worksheet sets are included in Sra. Morato’s elementary Spanish program.  If you are looking for an online elementary Spanish program with pronunciation, video instruction, online flashcards and once-a-week-classes with a native Spanish speaker with more than 20 years of teaching experience (in public schools and online) be sure to check out  Sra. Morato also teaches Spanish 1, 2 and 3!  My girls have been taking Sra. Morato’s classes for a number of years now and are speaking *really* well! 🙂

  • You can email Sra. Morato here if you have any questions about her online Spanish classes.
  • And of course, you can email me here if you have questions about the Spanish Worksheet Sets! (I’m Liesl!)

Note: These sets are progressive. Sometimes the sentences use vocabulary from previous sets.  For example, one of the sentences in 4.4 is El sol es amarilllo. The sun is yellow.  Colors were covered in Set 2. (See Sets 1, 2 and 3 below).

I hope to have Set 5: Mi Casa – My house ready to share soon! The four topics in Set 5 are 1. Rooms 2. Things in the bedroom 3. Living room/bathroom and 4. My chores.

These sets are currently being offered at their introductory prices!

Spanish Worksheets for Kids – Days Months Seasons Weather

$5.99 $4.99 Spanish Set 4: BUNDLE Days Months Seasons Weather – 1. Los días de la semana 2. Los Meses del año 3. Las estaciones 4.  El tiempo o El clima (includes 2 pdfs – the days of the week & months of the year are in one pdf, the seasons and weather are in the other pdf. Each pdf is about 50 pages.)

Be sure to check your PayPal email address for the download link! 

Spanish Worksheet BUNDLE Set 4 - Days Months Seaons Weather

Four Spanish Worksheet BUNDLES are now available as is the Human Body Parts Packet. 🙂 I’ll include photos below, but see our Spanish Store for more details!

$6.99 $5.99 Spanish Set 1: BUNDLE Mi familia – My Family (includes 4 pdfs 1. ¿Quién es mi familia? 2. ¿Cómo se llama mi familia? 3. ¿Cómo es mi familia? 4. Saludos y despedidas

$6.99 $5.99 Spanish Set 2: BUNDLE: colores, formas y figuras, mascotas, números (includes 4 pdfs)

$7.99 $6.99 Spanish Set 3: BUNDLE School – 1. Mi Salón de Clases 2.  Mi materiales de la escuela 3. Mis materias de la escuela 4.  Mis actividades de la escuela (includes 4 pdfs)

Spanish Set 4: See above!

$7.99 $6.99 Spanish Set 5: Mi Casa – My house The four topics in Set 5 are 1. Mi Casa Rooms in the house 2. Mi dormitorio Things in the bedroom 3. Sala de estar y baño Things in the living room & bathroom and 4. Mis quehaceres de la casa My chores.

I haven’t had a chance to write up the post, but I just made this available in the Spanish Store and you can see the close-up pictures and read more details there.

(Coming soon!) Spanish Set 6: All About Food  Around the Table (common items like plate, spoon and foods), Preparing Breakfast, Preparing Lunch, Preparing Dinner

Each topic/packet covers about 15 to 25 new vocabulary words… plus, each packet also includes full practice sentences. These sentences build upon the vocabulary in the previous sets.

$3.99 el cuerpo humano Spanish Worksheet Packet (1 pdf – 25 pages)

Be sure to check your PayPal email address for the download link!

Here are some photos of the Spanish Bundle Sets. As I said above, each Spanish Bundle Set covers 4 topics. You can see close-ups of each of the four topics in our Spanish Store.

Visit the Spanish Store for more details!

Spanish Worksheet BUNDLE Set 2 - colores formas figuras mascotas numeros - colors shapes pets numbers

Spanish BUNDLE Set 3 - escuela - SCHOOL

Spanish Worksheet BUNDLE Set 4 - Days Months Seaons WeatherSpanish BUNDLE Set 5 - Mi Casa - My House - bedroom living room bathroom tasksSpanish Worksheets - el cuerpo humano The Human Body

Again, here’s how you can reach us:

Sra. Morato’s website:

Sra. Morato’s email:

Contact me (Liesl) for more information about the Spanish Worksheets here.

Visit the Spanish Store to see more picture and find out more details about the sets above:

Spanish Store - Button

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