Winter Packet: Earth’s Axis/Seasons, The Arctic vs. Antarctica, Polar Animals and More (75+ pages)

Winter Polar Unit - Penguins Whales Worksheets and MoreThe past few weeks, my daughter has been doing a big unit on Winter. The first part is about 60 pages and covers topics such as Earth’s axis, the months and seasons, the Arctic vs. Antarctica, and goes in depth about various polar animals. The second part, pages 63 to 78, includes some PreK activities. This is a really fun winter unit with lots of hands-on activities, lapbook/interactive notebook pieces, various worksheets and more!  Today I’m going to share this huge packet with you!    I know that we homeschoolers often have a wide range of ages, so hopefully this packet includes material that will appeal to many of your kids (or includes materials that your kids can use next year!!)

This packet is probably best for preK thru early elementary.  My daughter is currently 8 years old (in Grade 3). Now, let me tell you what is included!

Yesterday, I shared the really fun crystal-growing project my daughter started with.  We set that aside and then dove into her packet.

We talked first about Earth’s axis and how/why the tilt of the Earth creates the different seasons. We talked about the solstice/equinox and what those mean and when they occur. We also went over which seasons went with which months.  I was kind of surprised that she found this challenging (it’s so intuitive for me as an adult, I had no idea it might be difficult). I wound up back-pedaling and created the sheet you see below/right listing January and a blank (where she wrote winter) and so forth.  (For younger students, there is a tracing page to go over the months and seasons.)

Earth's Axis and Seasons Worksheets

Next, we started talking about some of the major differences between the Arctic and Antarctica. Things such as

  • Antarctica is a continent; land surrounded by sea.
  • Antarctica is 98% covered in ice.
  • Antarctica is the highest of all the continents at an average height of 2,300m (or 1.4 miles). Temperatures are colder at higher elevations.
  • The Arctic is a semi-enclosed ocean, almost completely surrounded by land.
  • During much of the year, the Arctic Ocean is covered in sea ice that can exceed six feet thick.
  • The Arctic is not as cold as the Antarctic.

Arctic vs Antarctica WorksheetsWhen my older daughter saw that ED was going to learn about Polar Animals… she said ME TOO!!!!  This packet highlights about 18 animals. There are Montessori 3-Part Cards with these polar animals, plus various matching pages (word to picture, shadow to animal, shadow to word, etc.)

Polar Animals Worksheets

I also made a number of lapbook pieces.  ED actually used these as interactive notebook pages which she added to her science notebook, but your kids could use these to make a lapbook instead.

Note: The polar animal pieces you see below are blank. Have your kids research about their favorite animal/s (what they eat and so forth) and add that to their lapbook. (They don’t have to do all of the animals!)  For younger kids, they could just write the name of the animal on the inside.


Polar Animals Lapbook

ED spent quite a bit of time learning about the differences between seals, sea lions, and walruses. There is a set of lapbook pieces about seals/sea lions/walruses and one about penguins. These particular pieces have a cut-and-paste option with information about them. There is a page about the penguin life cycle. Of course, the girls took a balled up sock and had penguin races with the sock/egg on their feet to see who could waddle the fastest without losing their egg!

Seals Penguins Worksheets and Lapbook

There are a number of hands-on activity ideas about whales. These were activities our family actually did a number of years ago, but I included instructions in the packet with activities about insulation, how blubber keeps whales warm and helps with their buoyancy, toothed vs. baleen whales, and more.

Whale worksheets and activitiesFinally, there are about 12 pages or so of various PreK activities: do-a-dot pages, find the letter, find the number, capital letter matching and build-a-word activity, lacing c


Winter PreK Packet

Our Winter Packet is now available for $4.00.

Once you pay for this packet, you will immediately receive a link to download this file (which will open in a browser window).  You will also receive an email from Sendowl (the service I use) to your PayPal email address which will have a link you can click on to download the Winter Packet.  It may take a few moments to arrive.  Of course, if you have any issues just email me at — liesl at homeschoolden dot com.  You can also reach me by using the contact form on the blog or by replying to the email from SendOwl.

Winter Packet, 75-pages


Remember to check your PayPal email address for the email from SendOwl.

Winter Packet for Early Elementary

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PS. If you have younger kids, you might also enjoy this post about Jan Brett’s book, The Mitten – Free Animal Printable Activities. I just mention it because it’s winter themed too!

The Mitten Free Printables Animal Worksheets LapbookAnd if you want to go into more depth about the Earth, layers of the Earth, plate movement, earthquakes, mountain making, volcanoes and more be sure to check out our Earth Science Packet. We did a ton of hands-on activities with that unit!

Earth Science UnitHands-On-Activities-EarthScienceUnit

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