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Our free German worksheets for kids posts are among the most popular on our blog.  Today I wanted to highlight some of the recent German materials we’ve shared over the years here on the blog. Many of these are buried and I thought I would put them together in one easy-to-find post! If your kids/students are just beginning to learn German, I hope you find something useful! If you like any of our materials, you could help spread the word by sharing this page or pinning our materials to Pinterest! Thanks! ~Liesl

free german worksheets for beginners numbers colors time school

Here are a few free German number worksheets. These are free to download:

die Zahlen von eins bis zwölf – German Numbers Worksheets

I added a few more pages, so there are also worksheets 1-20.

Free German Numbers Worksheet for Kids 1-to-12 ZahlenAnd here are a few more counting practice pages in German:

die Zahlen auf Deutsch – Counting German Numbers Worksheets

die Zahlen auf Deutsch counting in german Free WorksheetsTelling Time Game in German: What time is it? — Wie spät ist es? Wie viel Uhr ist es?

Wie viel Uhr ist es? Wie spät ist es? Telling Time in German – Game

wie-viel-uhr-ist-es-german-telling-time-gamePractice the colors with this worksheet set: die Farben, colors

die Farben auf Deutsch – Free Colors German Worksheets for Kids

die-farben-auf-deutsch-free-worksheetHere is another set of German worksheets for kids on die Farben – with a winter theme. I hope your kids enjoy them! ~Liesl

 Free German Worksheets for Kids – colors die Farben – Winter Theme

FREE colors German Worksheets for Kids - die Farben

Food, Eating and Drinking: This is a set we used a lot for conversation practice. I put the pictures of food on Popsicle sticks. I would randomly pass out cards and we would use them in conversation practice. We used them to practice ordering food (from a restaurant setting), to talk about what food we like to eat, and to go grocery shopping.

Essen und Trinken –  Eating/Drinking – food and ordering conversation cards


the body, der Körper

As we learned the German parts of the body, we sang a number of fun kids’ songs as well!

German Worksheet: der Körper – the body

german-worksheets-for-beginners-the-body-der-korperSchulmaterial:  These worksheets are for learning words you would find around an office or school room:

Free German Worksheets: Schulmaterial


I recently added a Lesespiel game to this file above.  The kids have really enjoyed it.  It has suggested dialogue on the card, but feel free to change that up or have the kids ask other questions before answering. For example, “Is your book orange?” … “Yes, I found your book!” — in German, of course!

Lesespiel - SchulmaterialThere is a similar game about sickness/being hurt which is in our Weather Packet. Who has a headache?  … I have a headache… Who has a runny nose? etc.

Krankheiten-LesespielFree German Animals Worksheets: When my youngest was first learning animals, she was six years old. These are very simple worksheets sets that she used at the time to learn some of the animals: bird, horse, cow, fish, cat, dog.

die Tiere-German Worksheets for Kids: Animals Practice Pages

German Worksheets - Animals vol 1This was the second set of worksheets I we spent time listening/watching the online youtube story called the  Vier Freunde, The Four Friends.

Free German Animals Worksheet Packet, vol. 2

Tiere-vol2German Words Around the Room – Again, these were some simple sheets I made for my daughter (when she was 6) as she was first learning German. These were words around the classroom.

der Schulraum


 Storybooks we used for Learning German (Scroll down to the bottom of this post.)

German prepositions practice pages:

These sheets were obviously not words we practiced when the kids were very beginners, but I thought I would share these here anyway!

This packet below has various resources you can use with your students – the songs mentioned above, the cards we used, and a basic worksheet they did for review. This packet is currently free to download! I’m going to send you to that post, though, so that you see some of the songs we sang (to learn the prepositions) and can read in a bit more detail how we used these pages:

German-Prepositions – Präpositionen



Be sure to check out our German Store for see all the units and packets we have available!

German StoreThere you’ll find our two bundle options:

BUNDLE 1 includes ALL of the packets listed below

  • German Conversation Packet – die Familie (2 pdf files)
  • German Conversation Packet 2 – das Wetter die Jahreszeiten die Monaten
  • German Weather Packet -Winterwörter-Krankheiten-Schmerzen
  • German Conversation Packet 3 – Kleidung – Clothing
  • German Vocabulary Builder – Valentinstag
  • German Worksheets – Easter Spring Words – Ostern und Frühling


BUNDLE 2 includes ALL of the packets listed below

  • Daily Routine, Chores, Free-time Activities das Haus Wortschatz
  • Auf dem Land
  • German Sommerwörter – Worksheets and Activities
  • Adjective Opposites

You may be interested in our Daily Routines, Activities, Hobbies German Packet

Freizeit das Haus Was machst du - German Worksheets


Here are some of the materials we learned last year:

German-Conversation-Card-Bundle-Family-Weather-Seasons-ClothingA year or so ago, we started doing a lot more German conversation practice.  We started off the year reviewing basic greetings and making sure they knew the family terms we  went over last spring.

German Worksheets for Kids - die Familie the Familydie Familie - Family German WorksheetsFamily and Greetings: We used our cartoon family members a ton (see picture below) for role playing.  We filled out the family tree with fake names and ages and used the people for conversation practice. We used this for practicing Ich heiße…, Wie alt bist du? Ich bin __ Jahre alt.  Wer ist deine Mutter? In this unit, we reviewed all the family terms (from grandmother, grandfather, to aunt, uncle nephew (m,f), etc.). This unit is available for purchase here or in the bundle below.German-for-Kids-FamilyYou can purchase this packet individually for $2.50 by visiting the individual post – Family and Greetings – or scroll down to the bottom of this post to buy the bundle all three packets for $6.50.German-Family-Vocabulary-dieFamilie
German Unit: Clothing – Kleidung
In the fall, our family member added clothes too! The kids thought it was SO funny when I brought out the new materials!!DSC09022This new clipart featured the same people, but now they had more than just the heads! We did a big unit on clothing (the type of clothing) and talking about what our characters were wearing. The kids also practiced buying (and trying on clothing) at a shop.German-Conversation-Card-Set-ClothingThis packet has the cards above as well as some matching pages (German words to English words; German words to pictures) and worksheets. I also made 8 different bingo cards to help review the vocabulary (pictured below). The first person to get 5 in a row wins! My kids love playing that!You can purchase this packet individually for $2.50 by visiting the individual post – German Unit: Clothing – Kleidung – or scroll down to the bottom of this post to buy the bundle   all three packets for $6.50.
die Kleidung Clothing German Worksheets

 German Unit: Weather, Days of the Week, Months, Seasons

In this unit, we spent time learning the 4 seasons, the days of the week and months of the year.  Then we learned a lot of weather words (lightning, snow, hail, rain, rainbow, etc.) By the end, the kids could hold a pretty good conversation about the weather!German-Conversation-Card-Set-weather-days-months-seasons

We sang a number of songs with this unit too! :) We went on to learn Winter Words and Sickness/Getting Hurt.

We covered German Winterwörter (these are included with the German Weather Packet purchase)

german-worksheets-winterworter-winter-wordsSickness/Getting Hurt — Krankenheiten/Schmerzen – How are you feeling?

After talking about the weather, it seemed natural to move on to a unit on getting sick.  The kids learned vocabulary and we had conversations such as…

  • How are you feeling? I have a cold. I have a runny nose.
  • Do you have a fever?
  • She has the flu.

We have matching pages (German to English, German to pictures) plus a word/reading game about getting sick or hurt (these are also included with the German Weather Packet purchase or in the big bundle purchase below):

german-worksheets-krankeiten-schmerzen-sick-hurtYou can purchase this packet individually for $3.50 by visiting the individual post –German Unit: Weather, Days of the Week, Months, Seasons, Winterwörter, Krankenheiten, Schmerzen   – or scroll down to the bottom of this post to buy the bundle all three packets for $6.50.
German Worksheets Weather Seaons Winter Sickness

We also have this packet: Valentinstag: Worksheets and Bingo Cards It is also available in the bundle along with the packet above. (Scroll down below).

Valentinstag - German Worksheets

Easter and Spring German Worksheets and Activities: I have just added a new vocabulary building activity set of Easter and Spring Words to the Bundle. These include vocabulary cards, matching (picture to German word; German to English), fill-in-the-blank sheets. Plus, it has 8 Bingo Cards which students can play in small groups taking turns reading the bingo vocabulary lists.    I added this latest packet to the German Bundle (down below).

German Worksheets Easter Spring Ostern Fruhling

If you are interested in the German Conversation Units, these sets are available for $2.50 to $4.00 or so each (click on the links above) or you can purchase the bundle below for $6.50.

  • With the purchase of this bundle you will receive 7 pdf files to download.  Once you pay through Paypal, you will receive an immediate link to download these materials.  You will also received an email to your PayPal Email Address from Sendowl (the service I use) with a link that you can click on (This email might take a few minutes. Be sure to check your spam folder).  That too will allow you to download the files.  And of course, if you have any trouble with your order or if you have any questions be sure to contact me via email liesl at homeschoolden dot com, or via the Contact Form here on the blog. ~Liesl

German Conversation Practice Card Bundle 1: Family, Weather/Months/Seasons, Winter Words, Sickness and Symptoms, Clothing, Valentine’s Day, Easter/Spring 7 pdf files


The download link from SendOwl will go to your PayPal email address.

German Worksheets and Activities for Kids


Be sure to check out German BUNDLE 2 as well!

German Worksheets for Kids

Freizeit das Haus Was machst du - German Worksheets

German Worksheets - Things Around the House - das Haus Zimmer im Haus - German Worksheets for Kids

Vocabulary Builder Packet: auf dem Land – in the countryside

German Worksheets - auf dem land - bauerhof -farmSommerwörter

Sommer Wortschatz - German Worksheets and Activities for Kids Sommerwörter - KartenGerman Worksheets Adjective Pairs Opposites Gegenteile

See Our German Store for more details about German Bundle 2.


 German Unit – Nationalities

We delved into a unit about the various nationalities… Using the people cards (above) our people would ask each other what nationality they were or where they came from:

DSC09022We used the people above in our conversation practice.

Click here to download this FREE packet: German Unit – Nationalities – Staatsangehorigkeit  You’ll have to scroll down through that post to download this packet.


German Verbs:

We spent quite a bit of time going over German verbs and the endings that are used.




This year we’ve been doing a big unit on Daily Routines, Activities, and Hobbies. Find out more about our new unit here:

Freizeit das Haus Was machst du - German Worksheetsgerman-conversation-cards-daily-routine-activities-hobbies

Storybooks we Used for Learning German:

We used MANY of the Bobo Siebenschlafer books. (affiliate link) We bought both the book and the audio CD. The kids follow along with the story while we listen to the story on CD. These were written for very young (German) kids, but our family used the books in this series listening to one story for a couple of years!

They are pretty simple storylines that are perfect for the level my kids are at. The contents of Bobo Siebenschlafer include:

  • Bei Bobo zu Haus
  • Bobo geht einkaufen
  • Bobo im Zoo
  • Bobo auf dem Spielplatz
  • Bobo ist krank

We *loved* this series so much, we wound up buying the book/cd for many of the different Bobo Siebenschlafer books such as Bobo Siebenschläfer ist wieder da. . (affiliate link)

Another similar set is Neue Abenteuer mit Conni. (She learns to bake, to ride her bike, to play soccer, etc.) This are small, mini-books.
You might also be interested in this simple book: Am I small? Bin ich klein? This book is in both English and in German. The illustrations are cute. :)

So that’s about it for today! See you again soon here or Homeschool Den Facebook page. Don’t forget to Subscribe to our Homeschool Den Newsletter! ~Liesl

Disclosure: Please note that some of the links in this post are affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase.


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