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Valentine's Subtraction Cards 1

Valentine’s Day Math Games: Division and Subtraction Cards and other games

Valentine’s Day Division Cards I made a Valentine’s Day set of division cards to use with LD over the next week or so. We use these cards to play a game called Fast Track — an idea we got from Peggy Kaye’s Games for Math. To make the board you need a large piece of butcher paper or poster board. There are three win spaces, three start spaces and various...

Skip Counting Game 0

Skip Counting Game

DD is just now learning to skip count by 3s.  I made a unicorn and dragon themed game to help her practice. The game is pretty straight forward. Each player takes a turn drawing cards from the file until they get a dragon (STOP!) card.  The player then sorts her cards and places them in skip counting order while the other player is drawing cards. The object is to be...

Free Christmas Math Games 8

Free Christmas Math Games

Find the missing addend activity: Do you ever get attitude when you do certain subjects with your kids?? For some reason, LD has been reluctant to do math from one of his books.  Playing games has turned that attitude around (for the time being) and he’s really done some great math work in the past couple of weeks. (We start with games like our beloved Speed! Multiplication Game, the division...

Division Games: Bump and Snow Flurry Scurry 3

Division Games: Bump and Snow Flurry Scurry

LD was asking for more math games, so I whipped up two quick division games. The first game is the same Bump game I’ve mentioned before, this time using division problems. You can print out your own Bump Division Game here. *Each player takes a turn taking a division card and solving the answer. *The player places a token on the correct number on the gameboard. *We use pennies and...

Math Skip Counting Game: Speed! 23

Math Skip Counting Game: Speed!

We had the privilege of reviewing a math card game called Speed!  Oh boy is it fantastic! I would have to give it 5 stars for sure. I always try to include as many hands-on activities as possible in our homeschooling.  DD still has a lot of math games, but I’ve been less creative with LD lately as he is working hard on reinforcing his basic multiplication and division skills....

Math Game: Stop the Clock 4

Math Game: Stop the Clock

 As I’ve been trying to find links and repair the “blogs I enjoy” page, I came across a clock game I used to have LD play all the time online. Now DD is learning time to 5 minute intervals and I’m going to have her play Stop the Clock for math time for a while.  She has to drag the digital time to the correct analog clock and do all...

Math: Multiplication Word Problems 0

Math: Multiplication Word Problems

I mentioned this before, but these multiplication word problems are worth another mention. We’ve been doing three each day at the beginning of math time for LD (age 8).  1. If 1 dress can be madefrom 6 yards of calico, how many yards will it take tomake 2 dresses?         Solution. — For 2 dresses itwill take 2 times 6 yards, which are 12yards. 2. Mary has...

Math Games (DD, First Grade) 5

Math Games (DD, First Grade)

Sometimes DD and I just play games and don’t work in her textbooks.  I thought I’d share what she’s doing for the next few days or so for addition. She’s working on sums of 11 and 12. I printed out gameboards and partner worksheets from The School Bell, Kathy Gursky’s website. Before we started playing the game, though we went over the T-bar sums (0+11, 1+10, 2+9, etc.) We used...

Math Update (LD, 3rd grade and DD 1st grade) 0

Math Update (LD, 3rd grade and DD 1st grade)

Life’s been rolling along, but it’s been hard to find time to post. Partly because odd jobs have taken up my spare time — painting a hallway, cutting wood for the wood stove in our homeschool room, creating a new garden for some more blueberry plants, mountains of laundry and trying to clean and catch up with the house. It’s left little time for the computer. One thing I haven’t...

Bump: The Math Game of Doubles (and 8s Multiplication Game) 1

Bump: The Math Game of Doubles (and 8s Multiplication Game)

I made this simple math game for DD. This goes along with some of the math skills she’s learning with her new math curriculum.  It’s a game of practicing doubling the numbers 4 through 9 (4+4, 5+5, etc.). Each player takes a turn rolling the die. He/She doubles the number on the die and then places a token or marker on that number on the gameboard.  If another player has...

Skip Counting Songs for learning the 6s, 7s and 8s 3

Skip Counting Songs for learning the 6s, 7s and 8s

Late at night my brain often whirls with ideas.  Last spring I put the skip counting patterns to familiar tunes since LD is working on his basic multiplication facts.  For example, I put the 7s to the tune of ‘Row, Row, Row Your Boat.’  LD learned that so well I went back and created another tune for the 6s and the 8s which he’ll be working on again this fall....

Used Curriculum 0

Used Curriculum

I’ve had some good luck getting my curriculum used this year from I bought three books from homeschool classified and got prompt replies from the sellers. The books arrived quickly in the mail. The prices made me excited as I saved quite a bit buying them second-hand.  Just wanted to mention that venue if anyone else was looking around for curriculum for this fall.


Cute Dog-Themed Addition/Subtraction sort (age 5)

This activity was made by a teacher named Debbie. It’s called Feed the Dog and has problems such as 10-7, 12-8, 2+5 and 3+2. I saw it at Oceans of First Grade Fun. You’ll find the link to print out the game there. You might be interested in this related post: Kindergarten Math (addition games/place value activities) You might also be interested in: Free Montessori Style Addition Sheets (No Regrouping):...