Math: Multiplication Word Problems

I mentioned this before, but these multiplication word problems are worth another mention. We’ve been doing three each day at the beginning of math time for LD (age 8). 

1. If 1 dress can be madefrom 6 yards of calico, how many yards will it take tomake 2 dresses?
        Solution. — For 2 dresses itwill take 2 times 6 yards, which are 12yards.
2. Mary has 3 hens, and eachhen has 6 chickens: how many chickens are there inall ?
3. If there are 6 panes ofglass in one window, how many panes are there in 4windows?
4. If 1 orange is worth 5peaches, how many peaches are 6 oranges worth?
5. John bought 6 quarts ofplums, at 6 cents a quart: how much did they cost?
6. If 1 quart ofstrawberries cost 7 cents, how much will 6 quarts cost?
7. If a man eat 6 ounces ofbread in 1 day, how many ounces will he eat in 8days?
8. What will bo the cost of6 lead-pencils, at 9 cents each?
9. I bought 6 dozen eggs, at10 cents a dozen: how much did they cost?

He also practices adding and subtracting in the thousands with regrouping with these Montessori math sheets a couple times a week (there are sheets adding/subtracting ones/ones, tens/tens, hundreds/hundreds as well) :
Montessori Addition Worksheets Link
Montessori Subtraction Worksheets Link

The picture left shows one of the sheets. It’s been useful because the numbers are so large and are in columns. You can click on the picture to see it closer up.

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