Waves, the Electromagnetic Spectrum and Light Worksheets

Learn all about Waves, the Electromagnetic Spectrum and Light with these new Notebook Pages and Worksheets!

Waves the Electromagnetic Spectrum and Light WorksheetsThis new section of the Energy Packet goes into more detail about electromagnetic waves and the wave nature of light.

In this section, we went over terms like wavelength, frequency and amplitude before talking about the 7 types of electromagnetic waves in the electromagnetic spectrum

  • radio waves
  • microwaves
  • infrared radiation
  • visible light
  • ultraviolet radiation
  • X-rays
  • gamma rays

The electromagnetic spectrum is the range of wavelengths or frequencies over which electromagnetic radiation extends.

We talked about what some of these different types of waves are used for.  For example, microwaves are not only used for cooking but are also used in modern technology for point-to-point communication links, wireless networks satellite and spacecraft communication, medical diathermy and cancer treatment, air-traffic control and more.

From there we went on to talk about light & the human eye.  We talked about how the different parts of your eyes work together to help you see.  We talked about the cornea, pupil, iris, retina and the way photo-receptors (rods and cones) work.

Light and the Human Eye WorksheetsI also included a couple of pages that goes into a bit more detail about the wave nature of light.  I used this page with my high schooler (who went on to do some calculations using the formula c = λ ν

Electromagnetic Spectrum Worksheets - Light Notebook PagesThis new section has just been added to the Energy Packet! If you purchased this packet previously, be sure to check your PayPal email address for the download link or email me and I can get that for you! ~Liesl

Energy Unit - Kinetic vs Potential Energy Types and Sources of Energy Fossil Fuels the Carbon CycleOur 100+page Energy Packet covers a range of topics from energy and force, kinetic and potential energy, the types and sources of energy, power grids, to fossil fuels, the carbon cycle and more! You can find out more about this packet here at this page: Energy Unit – Kinetic vs Potential Energy, Renewable vs Non-renewable Energy, the Carbon Cycle and More!  I will also include more pictures down below!

What age/grade is this energy unit for? We covered this material in middle school. My daughter was in 6th grade (age 12) last year and my other daughter was in 9th grade (age 14). We covered the section on light this year when my daughter was in 7th grade (still age 12) and my other daughter was in 10th grade (age 15).

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Energy Unit


Don’t forget to check your PayPal email address for the download link.

Energy Packet - Fossil Fuels and the Carbon CycleAgain, you can find out more about Energy Unit at this post or in Our Store.

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Energy Packet - Fossil Fuels and the Carbon Cycle Energy Packethttps://homeschoolden.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/Energy-Worksheets-Energy-and-Force-Kinetic-vs-Potential-Energy.jpgTypes of Energy Worksheets and ActivitiesTypes of Energy WorksheetsSources of Energy Worksheets - oil petroleum solar wind nuclear and othersFossil Fuel Worksheets - How Coal Oil and Natural Gas FormThe Carbon Cycle Worksheets

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Earth Science Bundle - Atmosphere Magnetosphere Weather Unit

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Earth Science and Physical Science BUNDLE of 10

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  1. Michael says:

    Where can i find the answer key?

    • Hi Michael,

      All the answers are provided in our packets. The student notebook pages (with fill-in-the-blanks) are followed by full-text pages with the answers. I usually printed out the student (fill-in-the-blank) notebook page/s for my kids and then printed a full-text version for myself. We would then go over the material together. The answers on the full-text pages are not highlighted in case people want to simply have their student/s read the information rather than taking notes.

      Answers to the worksheet pages also follow directly after the student worksheets. Those pages are usually labeled “ANSWERS” in the top right hand corner.

      I hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other questions!
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