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Waves, the Electromagnetic Spectrum and Light Worksheets

Learn all about Waves, the Electromagnetic Spectrum and Light with these new Notebook Pages and Worksheets! This new section of the Energy Packet goes into more detail about electromagnetic waves and the wave nature of light. In this section, we went over terms like wavelength, frequency and amplitude before talking about the 7 types of electromagnetic waves in the electromagnetic spectrum radio waves microwaves infrared radiation visible light ultraviolet radiation...


Energy Unit – Kinetic vs Potential Energy, Renewable vs Non-renewable Energy, the Carbon Cycle and More!

This 100+page Energy Unit covers a range of topics from energy and force, kinetic and potential energy, the types and sources of energy, power grids, to fossil fuels, the carbon cycle and more! You’ll find the link to purchase this packet down below or in Our Store. I am SO excited to share this with you! This is a unit that I’ve been working on for well over a year!...