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No doubt, this is a really unusual time. Most of the activities our family has relied on to add variety & spice to our homeschool life have ended for the year. And, it looks like summer camps & things like that won’t be an option either.

We still have our homeschool routine, but I though my girls might enjoy it if we added in some different, fun activities.

Screen Free Summer Activity Ideas

I came across a neat website that sells inexpensive (69-cent) patches and had the girls pick out some of the activities that looked fun.

I figured we could come up with our own “requirements” – think scouting badges – and that the girls could “earn” some of these this spring and into the summer. Some of the patches my girls were interested in included a lot of the things they do for fun already (but why not have an excuse to dive a little deeper!)

  • camping, campfire building & campfire cooking
  • box oven cooking
  • arts & crafts, painting, drawing, origami
  • soap carving, wood working, etc.
  • baking, healthy cooking
  • biking, canoeing, paddle boarding and more

Here a smattering of patches that you can purchase. Here are a smattering of patches available from  My girls are both scouts, but this website is not run by the girl or boy scouts.  Oh, and I’m not an affiliate or anything, I just thought the website was neat and the prices were great. Plus, I even found a discount coupon code that worked. 🙂

Activity Ideas - Patches

On a similar vein, a few years ago, I put together a long list of activities… that don’t involve electronics! 🙂

If you are looking for a printable list of spring & summer activities, this is an extensive list I put together. It has more than 350 Activity Ideas.  Each summer I have had my kids go through this and pick out activities that sounded fun.  They were always really excited going through the list… and it really got their minds thinking about all the possibilities!

Grab this FREE Summer Activity List printable here:

Screen-Free Summer Activity Ideas

Summer Activity List - Free PrintableThis packet also includes some daily summer planning pages

Free Summer Planner Pages

Click here to save this on Pinterest:

Screen Free Summer Activity Ideas Printable

We often have relied on quite a huge variety of hands-on activities to spice things up… from science and engineering activities, to plays, dioramas, and MUCH more.  If you are looking for even more ideas, be sure to scroll through the dozens and dozens of fun hands-on activities in this post:

Hands-On Homeschool Activities

Hands-On Activity Ideas to Inspire Your Homeschool

And this similar post with lots of different homeschool teaching strategies that don’t involve worksheets and seat work!!

Hands-On Activity Ideas and

Homeschool Teaching Strategies

Finally, let me leave you with a few other recent posts…

12 Hands-On Science Activities You Can Do Today!

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Free Math Game Boards!: The Ultimate Math Game Board! ♥ Your kids will love practicing their math facts! ♥ I have made some new math game boards… and with everything that’s going on, I wanted to brighten your day by offering these for free! We used these types of versatile game boards a lot when my kids were little. This one includes number recognition, addition & subtraction cards.

FREE Math Game Board - Addition - Subtraction
FREE Math Board Games – Multiplication and Division: This is similar to the set above except it includes multiplication & division cards.

FREE Math Game Board - Multiplication Division

That’s about it for today! Stay healthy and safe!

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P.S. Don’t forget to check out the new Clouds, Winds, Weather Packet.  It comes with the Natural Disasters Packet as well).  My daughter is finishing up the documentary series Raging Planet and has really enjoyed that unit!

Clouds and Weather Packet

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